Monday, February 22, 2010

Cross-Training: Ballet

I have always loved dancing. I never took dance classes as a child because we moved around a lot. My mom would also tell you that I never asked for dance classes, but I honestly remember telling her I wanted to (but we won't go there!). When I was in college, I came the closest to dancing that I ever have - country line dancing at a local bar. It was a big thing, learning the new dances and there was a group of us who were there every single night the bar was open.

My girls started taking dance classes 4 years ago, and I have enjoyed watching them so much. The studio they go to also offered adult classes, but you had to be in the recital, and that's just something that I couldn't bring myself to do. But in August, the studio announced they were offering a new class: Adult Beginner Ballet - NO Recital Participation required!

I worked it out with the budget and with my husband to take the class. I bought some ballet shoes, and went to the first class, and immediately realized that this was much harder than it looked!!

I don't do well with hard. I may have mentioned that here before. But my dance teacher (who has been Reece's teacher for the last 4 years, and was Riley's teacher her first year) wouldn't let me give up. And after a few months, it got much easier! And now, 6 months into it, I really love it! It's still hard, as we keep adding new steps and positions and move forward in complexity, but I do enjoy it. And now and then, I even feel like a real dancer!

As far as cross-training is concerned, at my level, it's not much of a cardio workout, but it does help with flexibility and core strength. I feel like I run with better posture as a result of my ballet training. I am certain that my ankles and knees are also becoming stronger as a result of ballet. Also, it's enjoyable, which is an important component of cross-training! :)

But I'm still not doing the recital!

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