Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cross-Training: Swimming

This will be a relatively short post, because my swimming experience is that - short! :)

We have a great county pool system, and each year my extended family chips in and buys us annual passes so we can use any pool in the county any time we want. It's fantastic, and swimming is SO great for all of the kids!

So I looked at that "My First Triathlon" information and saw that the swimming portion is 1/4 mile. Wow, I thought... that's a piece of cake!! I run way more than that! 1/4 mile is easy!!

Hee hee.

I got a pair of goggles, put on my old Lands End tankini, and took the kiddos to the indoor pool.

As we were checking in at the front desk I asked, rather nonchalantly... so how long is this pool?

25 meters.

I did some quick mental math.

1/4 mile is approximately 400 meters which would be roughly 16 laps. WOW.

But still I was not discouraged! I deposited my swimming children at the non-lap end of the pool, told them to have fun and swim nicely, and headed down to the lap lanes. I donned my goggles, and began to swim.

Sort of. I'm not sure you can call it swimming. It was sort of swimming, but it wasn't pretty. I quickly remembered that I hadn't actually gone swimming in a pool in at least 20 years. And in fact, the last time I swam laps was probably when I was 13 and my Uncle Brett taught me how to swim laps. THAT was a LONG time ago.

I got to the end of the pool, gasping for air. I turned and headed back. I was dying. But I was determined. By the end of the 2nd lap, I was done for! LOL

But I don't give up so easily! I did those 2 lap trials 3-4 more times that day. And then we went back the next week, to try it again. And this time I did 4 laps in a row. OK, so that last lap I was thinking, "I'm going to drown... does Austin know where to find my cell phone to call Russ to pick them up?" and I swear I saw the young lifeguard laughing at me. But I did it. 4 laps. 1/4 of the total distance I would need to do in the triathlon. BEFORE I biked 12 miles and ran 5K.

That's when I decided that the Triathlon would best be completed in 2011! LOL

And it worked out for the best, because during this half-marathon training, there hasn't been a good day to get us to the pool. We haven't been at ALL since before Christmas. I intend to get us over there once a week come April! :) And then I can try to avoid drowning again... and maybe get in more than 2-4 laps at a time! LOL Wish there was a "Couch to Swimming Pool" program out there!

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