Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taper Madness: Productivity

I am experiencing a complete inability to focus on anything that doesn't involve this race! I'm serious. Ask my husband, my mom, my friends - I'm sure I'm driving them completely nuts!!

I also have an unbelievable desire to go ahead and pack my suitcase already!

I started work on my running scrapbook last night, just so I could do something productive. Productive does not include going through all the paperwork I have to take with me on my trip. Productive does not include going through my packing spreadsheet and organizing it into categories by changing font colors. Productive does not include checking the 10 day forecast for Walt Disney World every 10 minutes.

It's not like I don't have things I SHOULD be doing. I actually did clean up the living room yesterday, and I've managed to feed my family relatively nutritious meals each day. We are also accomplishing lessons (3 more days of those before we take "Spring Break" while I'm gone). The laundry is also getting washed and dried. But my brain and my heart are totally in Florida! I have not done my assignments for my kids' autism therapy. I have not read the next book for my book club, or read ANYTHING that doesn't relate to running or Disney.

I just keep counting down in my head!

Did I mention I'm a little bit excited???

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