Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training vs. Taper Madness

The 10 mile run hit me on Sunday. The excitement had faded and the muscles all ached quite loudly. I stretched. I stretched. I did some yoga poses. I stretched some more.

Monday morning came around, with the last 50 minute run ahead of me, and the muscles still cried out. It didn't help that my monthly visitor had arrived, I felt awful, and it was in the low 30s and felt like the 20s with a lovely 15 mph wind. For the first time in my training, I did not want to go out and run. Was this what The Penguin referred to in his discussion of Taper Madness? #3 symptom: Complete Aversion to Running.

It didn't really matter. I wasn't about to stop now. I bundled up and went out. Didn't have to worry about watching my pace as I was crawling the entire time! My average pace was 12:19! LOL The movement did help my soreness a little bit, which was nice. But wow, it was horrible.

Yesterday was a cross-training day, but I skipped the yoga and just did the hand weights and ab work that I always do on Tuesdays. My cross-training was supposed to taper down this week anyway, and I will have my regular ballet class on Thursday, which will cover all of the cross-training time for the week.

Today's run was much better, though the weather was only marginally better. I felt stronger and my muscles were much less sore, which was a great thing! I was faster, too, and had to hold myself back to training pace. I can't believe I have only 7 more jogging sessions until the half-marathon!!

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