Saturday, February 6, 2010

Training: Week 10 report

There are ups and downs in training for a long-distance event, and this week was one of those down weeks.

Monday - 60 minute run (11:13 pace)
Tuesday - 32 minutes Wii Fit Plus Yoga (cross-training)
Wednesday - 50 minute run (11:17 pace), plus form drills
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class (cross-training)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6 mile long run (11:23 pace)
Sunday - rest

My goal training pace is 11:30-12:00 miles, and you can see that I didn't manage that. Today, during my long run was especially frustrating. There was a group of 4 ladies who started off on the trail the same time I did, and I was matching their pace, even though I didn't want to. This will be a problem come race day when there are 13,000 other women around me! LOL I have to be able to control my pacing at the front so I have enough energy for the big hill (overpass) at mile 11, and for a strong finish!! Oh well, I guess it wouldn't be called "training" if it weren't supposed to be work! :)

Another frustration came from my new shoes. I bought the exact same style I currently have, and wore them on Wednesday. Apparently, I didn't lace them tightly enough and ended up with a blister on my heel. It was gone by today for my long run, but when I took off my shoes at home, I notice it had returned. And it's not exactly what you would think of by a blister. It doesn't actually hurt all that much. It's just there, being annoying. It reminds me of the thing I used to get on my right pinkie toe when I was building up to 6 miles last summer/fall. Doesn't really hurt, per se - but it's there and you can feel it and it's bothersome. On Monday, I'm going to run in my other shoes, and see how that goes. Then during my next run in my new shoes, I'll put some Body Glide on my heel and see if that helps.

On a good note, I am doing much better about relaxing my right foot while I run. That foot is the one that tends to get injured (and blistered, apparently LOL), and I discovered a few weeks ago that I tend to keep it tense. I think it's because I am focused on it, trying not to injure it again. But I started to wonder if the tension was actually making an injury more likely. So I started purposely relaxing that area using a technique I learned during my last pregnancy, while I was prepping for natural childbirth! :) It seems to be working!

One more week of training coming up before tapering begins in preparation for the race! It'll be my longest week yet, culminating in a 10 mile run next Saturday!! I'm pretty excited! So far the weather forecast looks beautiful, so I hope it stays that way! My last few long runs have been in nasty conditions! I'd really like some nice weather to practice running in the new outfit my mother bought me for the race!

As the Penguin says, "Waddle on!!"

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