Saturday, February 13, 2010

Training: Week 11

I DID IT!!! I ran 10 whole miles today!!!
Here is a look at this week's training. It was another really challenging week, and I'm so glad that the hardest is behind me!

Monday - 60 minute run (11:14 pace)
Tuesday - 32 minutes Wii Fit Plus Yoga (cross-training)
Wednesday - 50 minute run (11:37 pace), plus form drills
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class (cross-training)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 10 mile long run (11:27 pace)

This was a wild week for running. Monday it was close to 50 so I wore my skirt and tank top that my mom got me to wear in the race. It was really chilly, but I needed to try it out! Then Wednesday I ran in a Wind Advisory... 20 mph winds, gusting to 33 mph. It was 32 degrees and felt like the low 20s. And (to round off a really stress-filled schedule) despite the nasty weather and all the snow last night, I was able to get my 10 mile run in today! I had to run in my neighborhood because the trail goes back through the woods and I figured it was still pretty slippery. Hopefully I'll get to run there next week. I ran my neighborhood which is mind-numbing on a good day, but today I had the added joy of being terrorized by the youth of the neighborhood who thought it was funny to throw snowballs at me. @@ As a result, I used up too much energy at the beginning being upset and aggravated, and it made the run harder than I think it would have been at the park. But I did it!! It's such a relief for me, from a mental standpoint.

I practiced videoing while I was running, and as I expected, it was bouncy. I don't think I'm going to mind though since I'll be going through the castle! :) But then what will I do about the camera in my hand when I come out of the castle and the camera people are there to do the professional action shots you can order? Hmm, I'll have to think about that one.

My foot is doing just fine. I'm making sure to tie my shoes tighter, and today I used some Body Glide on my heel. It still gets bigger, like a blister, and then by the next day it's gone back down and looks more like a callous. And it doesn't hurt or bother me when I run. I'm not sure what to make of it, but it doesn't seem to interfere with my running, so I won't worry about it.

I'm so excited to have made it through the bulk of my training! It's time to taper down and let my legs get ready for the race!! I've read that "Taper Madness" is known to strike so I'm putting the debit/credit card away where I can't get to it easily!! Of course, that leopard print running skirt is SCREAMING for me! ;) Let the madness begin!!

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  1. So, does the "11:27 pace" mean you are running an 11:27 mile average over the 10 miles?

    Congratulations again! I am amazed at what you've accomplished!