Saturday, February 20, 2010

Training: Week 12

Just 2 weeks to go! Can't believe it! This week's training went well! It was the first week of the taper, and it couldn't have come at a better time!

Monday - 50 minute run (12:19 pace)
Tuesday - rest (unscheduled)
Wednesday - 40 minute run (11:13 pace), plus form drills
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class (cross training)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 8 mile long run (11:16 pace)

As I mentioned before, Monday was rough between the after-effects of the 10 mile run on Saturday and the joys of being a woman! ;) I'm glad I listened to my body and took an unscheduled day off on Tuesday. I really needed it, physically and mentally, and my body rewarded me the rest of the week with good workouts!

Today's long run was especially rewarding. It was a beautiful day - 41 degrees when I headed out, bright sunshine, gentle breeze. The park was full of runners, walkers, kids, dogs, birds, squirrels, and geese. It was like a whisper that spring is just around the corner for those of us in the south. What a stark contrast to the 4 inches of snow I woke up to last Saturday morning! Our high today is expected to reach 60, which is more seasonal.

Of course, it's still kind of bizarre to realize that I just called 41 degrees a beautiful day to go outside and run 8 miles. ::shaking head:: Who have I become?! LOL

More tapering this coming week... and I think I'll blog about my ballet class as cross-training!

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