Saturday, February 27, 2010

Training: Week 13

I can't believe I am nearly there! Today I completed the last long run in the training program. Next week, I will be running a Half-Marathon! Who would have thought it would be possible? Here is what training looked like during this second week of tapering:

Monday -40 minute run (11:05 pace)
Tuesday - 32 minutes Wii Fit Plus Yoga (cross training)
Wednesday - 40 minute run (10:35 pace)
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class (cross training)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 5 mile long run (11:04 pace)
Sunday - rest

As you can see, my pacing was horrible this week. I blame it on Taper Madness. My inability to focus and concentrate has extended to my running! LOL I've really got to get it together before race day. If I take off too fast at the beginning of the half, I'll be in big trouble.

Tonight I will be reading through Marathoning for Mortals, the section on getting ready for the race. They have a specific section on "One week before race day". I know that he recommends sipping on sports drinks through the week to make sure your electrolytes are in balance, so I will do that. I got some powder packs of Gatorade to try. If I can handle the texture, it will be cheaper to take those with me and add them to my bottled water, than to try to buy Gatorade or Powerade at Disney. We are having groceries delivered to save money on our meals (breakfast and easy lunch foods), and we got a huge supply of bottled water!

I'm planning to start packing soon, too. I'm trying to wait on the weather report, but I'm also going crazy! This is my Taper Madness... I absolutely NEED to plan and to pack! The Penguin warns about buying unnecessary running gear during this time, but I should have known better. I'm not a really big shopper. It would take some serious craziness for me to start shopping unnecessarily. But what I AM is a compulsive planner. And this is where my Taper Madness is kicking in. I might have to start packing just to keep myself from going insane. I did start working on my running scrapbook this week in an attempt at distraction, but it didn't do too much good! LOL

Be glad you don't have to live with me! ;)

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