Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taper Madness: Training by the numbers

Since I'm a numbers person, I thought I would tally up all the time/distance I have clocked during this 14 week training program! The minutes include Thursday's 30 minute run and Saturday's 20 minute run, with an estimation of my distance including in the miles total. I'm not including the 13.1 miles or the time spent running the half-marathon itself! :)

Total Cross-Training Minutes = 1088 (18:08)
Ballet minutes - 540
Biking minutes - 192
Wii Fit Yoga minutes - 206
Other cross training (DVDs) - 150

Total Running Minutes = 1964 (32:44)
*Does not include time spent in warm up/cool down walking or form drills, or driving
to and from the park for the long runs

Miles on the bike = 31

Miles run as part of the training program = 170
*Does not include distance walked in warm up/cool down or form drills

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