Monday, March 1, 2010

Taper Madness: Weather Forecasts and Sniffles

The forecast for the race on Sunday is driving me crazy! Right now, it's supposed to be 44 at the start of the race. Not bad for March, you think? But it's FLORIDA! ACK! And my outfit is a skirt and a singlet (in plain English - a tanktop). I had already planned to wear legwarmers and a hoodie for the 2 hour wait time between arrival time and the actual start of the race. But I'm not sure I can pull off a skirt and singlet in 44 degree weather, even with the sun coming up and running. I'm expecting to be done by 9AM! It won't warm up THAT much.

And I was planning to wear capri pants around the parks, but the highs are now projected to be in the low to mid 60s. That's jeans weather for me. Even the low 70s on Sunday and Monday... not that warm for cold-natured me! :)

To top it all off... my girls have colds. They haven't been sick all winter long. It has to happen this week?? I've upped my vitamins in a desperate attempt to avoid catching what they have!

My jogging journal has a space for weekly objectives. This week I wrote: "Avoid a mental breakdown."

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