Sunday, April 4, 2010

Non-training training: Week 1

OK, I have to come up with a better name for this! LOL I'm not really training for anything... so can I call it training? Is it untraining? Well, whatever it could be called, this is what it looked like:

Monday - run (3.1 miles/30:55)
Tuesday - bike (6.43 miles/38:42)
Wednesday - run (3.1 miles/31:48)
Thursday - ballet class (60 minutes)
Friday - swim (9 laps/around 25 minutes)
Saturday - long run (6.45 miles/1:06:46)
Sunday - bike (8.67 miles/42:29)

Today (Sunday) was the first day that I got to take my bike somewhere to ride! I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS! I am still quite wobbly and unsteady, especially with turns, so I didn't want to try riding on a road in traffic just yet. I put the bike in the back of the van and headed over to a local park. It was awesome! Because it's Easter Sunday, the crowds were a little low, which was good. I only had one minor problem with a very sharp turn - when I realized I was going to fast, I hit the brakes, and went skidding into the gravel shoulder and a few tree branches. But there were no injuries, and even better - nobody was around to see me screw up! LOL

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but on Tuesday, I got to bike with the older gentleman in my neighborhood. I had seen him last summer/fall when I was running and I'd wave as he flew past me on his bike. Then in December when he saw me on my bike, he asked if I wanted to ride together. I said sure but we'd have to wait for after the half-marathon. So Tuesday was the first time... but we had to ride in the neighborhood because the kids were home. He rode with me and we talked about bikes and being adult-onset athletes (he started riding 30 years ago). He is 78 years old! Yeah, you read that right!! And he rides 30 miles every other day! He rides circles around me. Literally. I must have been going so slowly that he had to ride in circles to keep from going crazy. We rode for a little while and when I had to go inside, he took off to finish his workout! I would love to ride more with him, but I'll have to get much stronger and faster to be able to keep up with him. And there's also the wobbly issue that I'll have to work on!

You might notice that there were no rest days this past week. That's only because I am re-working my schedule. My rest day will be on Monday now, and the other workouts are lower in duration/intensity to make up for the lack of a second rest day. I really want to be able to get my variety of workouts in during this spring! :) It's too much fun! Gracious, who am I??? :)

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