Sunday, April 11, 2010

Non-training training: Week 2

Nope, still no clever name! LOL This week was too busy to allow for creative thinking! Here is what my exercise looked like:

Monday - rest (and my birthday!)
Tuesday - run (3.1 miles/32:06)
Wednesday - bike (8.65 miles/38:03)
Thursday - swim (8 laps/21:49)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 10K race (6.2 miles/1:01:47 - PR!)
Sunday - bike (7.59 miles/39:45)

I was really pleased with this week's exercise! There was variety and it kept things interesting! I had a 10K race on Saturday, so I took Friday off to rest up for it. That apparently worked well, as I ran a personal record time!! I'm not totally focused on time, but it's nice to see that it comes a little bit on its own. I just have to be careful not to hurt myself - mostly my knees, and my foot that tries to give me a hard time.

Before the race - ended up ditching the jacket as it was warmer than I was expecting:
Almost to the finish line:

My mother-in-law sent me some money for my birthday, so I was able to order a swimsuit, cap, and new goggles! I got swimsuit recommendations from the Running of the Ears board, a message board for Disney fans who like to run (and bike, and swim!). I found the same suit at, which was recommended on the ROTE boards as well. I will post about the customer service when my order arrives.

I got to take my bike out to another park on Wednesday as my husband had taken the day off to allow me to go line up for a general admission concert I was attending that night as my birthday present. I went to a different park than the previous Saturday, the same one where I like to do my long runs. It was excellent for biking as well, the only problem being that it is more crowded and I had to weave in and out of people. Today I rode in the neighborhood since my husband has rehearsal for his band, but I did venture out on one of the streets that leads from my neighborhood and wraps around to the back side of the neighborhood. It was my first time on a "real" non-neighborhood road. It was a little scary, since I couldn't see cars coming up behind me.

My mom is going to buy a bike carrier for my van/car as my birthday present! I'm so excited! I have to contact the bike shop and ask them which one they would recommend! :) It'll be much easier than trying to put the bike in and out of the back of the van with the seats down! LOL

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