Monday, April 19, 2010

Non-training Training: Week 3

Monday - rest
Tuesday - bike (3.1 miles/31:33)
Wednesday - swim (10 laps/20:31)
Thursday - run (3.1 miles/33:06)
Friday - rest (unscheduled)
Saturday - run (6.6 miles/1:09:23)
Sunday - bike (8.9 miles/43:00)

You may notice that I took an unscheduled day off on Friday. I was very sore still from going so fast at the race on Saturday, so I decided to listen to my body. It is hard to take a day off, but I'm so glad I did. My run on Saturday morning was still a challenge, but I think that was more due to the fact that I was out there at 7:15, having gotten up at 6 to eat, and that's just unpleasant no matter how you look at it! LOL

I decided to alter my non-training just a little bit. I was planning to do 2 bikes, 2 swims, and 2 runs each week. But I think I need another day of running instead, while I'm primarily racing this season. And the swimming is going a little better than I expected, so I will drop one of the swims and replace it with running.

My new swimsuit arrived today, but it feels too small. I've been told that it's supposed to be quite snug, but I've never worn a one piece competition suit before. So I have already ordered the next size up to try and see if it feels better, and then I'll return whichever one doesn't work! The swim cap feels fine, though a little funny. I'm anxious to see how it feels in the water! LOL And the new goggles give me a good suction as soon as I put them on my face, which, hopefully, will keep the water out of my eyes. I will get one of the kids to take a picture of me at the pool with all of my stuff on! LOL

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