Monday, April 26, 2010

Off Season Training: Week 4

What do you think of the new title for my non-training training? I figured that "off season" is a good title since I'm not actively in training for anything! This week's training was lots of fun!

Monday - rest
Tuesday - run (3.1 miles/31:12)
Wednesday - bike (6.31 miles/32:15)
Thursday - run (3.1 miles/31:44); ballet class (60:00)
Friday - swim (8 laps/15:43 - :40 rest interval)
Saturday - rest (unscheduled)
Sunday - bike (12.97 miles/1:05:53)

The bigger swimsuit came in this week and it is much better! It still feels snug but not too tight. Austin took a picture of me before we left for the pool:
The goggles are phenomenal! There was no leaking at ALL and I felt so much better in the water. And the swim cap really kept my hair back and away from hitting me in the face. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence, but I swam much faster! I think I'm going to see if Austin will take a video of me swimming so I can check my form. Or maybe I don't want to! LOL

My parents came to town this weekend and bought me a bike rack for my birthday, which was earlier this month! It is SO cool and so much better than trying to load the bike into the back of the van flat. It's easy to use and it holds the bike well. She got me a 2-bike rack so maybe one day I can take Austin to the park with me to ride.

I was supposed to race on Saturday morning, just a 5K, but our area had huge storms come through. I got up before dawn, picked up Sherry, and drove all the way out to the race site (35 miles one way), and waited in the rain, trying to decide what to do. I don't mind running in the rain, but the thunder and lightning were concerning me. Finally, about 20 minutes before race time, there were 3 lightning strikes within 5 minutes and we decided that we weren't going to risk it. As we drove home the weather seemed to clear up, so we tried to hit another race that we had seen advertised, but it had started earlier so we missed it.

Since I had that unexpected off day, I decided to try a long bike ride on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to see if I could go 12 miles, the distance of the bike portion of the triathlon I'm shooting for in 2011. The park was extremely busy due to the beautiful weather and several times I had to come to a complete stop, but I was able to get the full distance in plus some! That makes me feel better - I've done the distance for all 3 segments of the triathlon! Now I just have to practice putting them together. But that will have to wait for next spring! In the meantime, the biking and swimming are great for cross-training and fun!

Edited to add: My biking goal for this week was to finally use my water bottle! It sure looks pretty on my bike, I figured it was time to get brave enough to let go with one hand and try to reach for it! The first couple of attempts were not pretty! I am surprised I didn't end up in the lake! ;) But the last 2 times I did much better, and it was so nice to be able to wet my whistle!

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