Monday, May 3, 2010

Off Season Training: Week 5

This week was the first week, I think, that I got all of the training in that I had planned to do! YAY! :)

Monday - rest
Tuesday - run (3.1 miles/31:34)
Wednesday - bike (6.32 miles/30:50)
Thursday - run (3.1 miles/31:39)
Friday - swim (8 laps/15:12)
Saturday - run (6.6 miles/1:09:12)
Sunday - bike (8.8 miles/No timing)

As you can see, I started with the "no timing" thing that I mentioned in my last post. I rode my bike at the park yesterday without timing myself. It wasn't as free as running, because my bike has a little computer on it that measures how fast I'm going. But I didn't have the per mile breakdown or the total time spent. It was good, too, because it was so hot and humid yesterday. It was 87 when I left the house, but the heat index was 91. I was better able to listen to my body, I think, instead of going with what the watch was telling me. I'm also glad I practiced with the water bottle last week, because this time it was absolutely essential that I drink something while I was riding! I finished the entire bottle of water on my bike, then got back to the van and drank half of a 16 oz. bottle of water with a Crystal Lite Pure Fitness pack mixed in.

My mom was here this weekend and went with us to the pool! She took a few pictures of me doing my laps, or as I like to call it, "Glorified Non-Drowning"! :)

I got a few books about biking from the library, and even checked out a DVD about swimming! I hope I'll have a chance to peruse them this week! Hopefully I will be able to glean some useful information!

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