Monday, May 10, 2010

Off-Season Training: Week 6

Monday - rest
Tuesday - run 3 miles
Wednesday - bike miles
Thursday - run 3 miles/ballet class
Friday - rest
Saturday - run 6.6 miles
Sunday - bike 8.7 miles (45:22)

I stuck to my plan and didn't time my runs/bike rides for the remainder of the week. I learned that it didn't really matter! LOL That's good information, though. There is something mental going on within me, and I'll just have to work through it. Usually this kind of stuff is reserved for parenting and homeschooling. I guess it has found its way into my training as well! That's OK. I'll use it. I'll conquer it, and that will help me to conquer it in those other areas as well! :)

The weather is getting much warmer here, quickly. And the humidity levels have been higher. I think that may be contributing to the general "yuck" feeling I have been experiencing while I'm running. I'm going to try to run a little slower, and see if that helps. I'm hoping that once my body acclimates to it the different challenges of running in warm and humid (and pollen-filled) air, then it won't be so hard.

The next two weeks will be quite a challenge in terms of getting my workouts squeezed in. This is a very busy time of the year for our family! I'll be glad when things settle back down so I can focus!

I think I'm going to have to give up my ballet class. The reasons are purely financial. If all I did was ballet, that wouldn't be an issue. But I love my running (and biking and swimming) and they all cost money. And our money is getting tighter and tighter. I'm going to think it through a little while longer before I make my final decision.

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