Sunday, May 16, 2010

Off-Season Training: Week 7

I may have turned the corner this week. My workouts were hard, but they were also very productive.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - run 3.4 miles (34:04)
Wednesday - bike 6.5 miles (31:56)
Thursday - ballet (60:00)
Friday - swim (10 laps, including one set of 2 laps without stopping)
Saturday- run 6.6 miles (1:09:07)
Sunday - bike 13.3 miles (1:01:53)

I pushed it up a notch with my swimming this week. After I did my regular 8 laps, resting between each lap, I decided to try 2 laps with no rest in between. The last time I had tried this was back in the fall when I had first started swimming. On the last lap, I thought I was going to drown. Literally. This time went much, much better. It was hard, but not impossible. And especially since I had already done the 8 laps I usually do, I think I did quite well! :)

Biking was a lot of fun today, too. I met my BFF at the park and she and I rode together. We did this last week, too, but I was in a hurry because it was Mother's Day and my mom was taking the girls and I to see Mary Poppins the Musical. The park was also incredibly crowded, so it wasn't much fun. Today the park was nice and clear, and the weather wasn't nasty like I was afraid it was going to be (forecast wrong again, surprise surprise!). It was much less crowded so we could really ride and enjoy ourselves. We ended up going much further than I planned, but it was worth it! Tomorrow is a rest day for me after all! LOL It was a glorious day to ride!

This week is one of the busiest of our entire spring, so I hope I can get all of my workouts in! Won't be updating until Monday at the earliest!

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