Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off Season Training: Week 9

This week's training was a little more challenging, after having spent the weekend on my feet during my daughters' dance recital! I ended up taking an extra day of rest.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - rest (unscheduled)
Wednesday - run 40 minutes (3.9 miles)
Thursday - bike 4 laps @ neighborhood (31:36)
Friday - run 40 minutes (3.9 miles)
Saturday - bike 6 laps @ park (1:02:40)
Sunday - rest

I've got a 5K race on Memorial Day morning so I will be resting tomorrow! Monday also begins my new training - for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September! I decided to go for the Coast to Coast Medal! If you run a half at Disneyworld and a half at Disneyland in the same calendar year, you get a bonus medal. It is a replica of the statue of Walt Disney holding Mickey's hand and pointing off in the distance. That statue is my absolute favorite so I simply HAD to have this! My husband took an extra gig to make it possible financially, and my Mom is going to go out to CA with me so she can see me cross the finish line (something she was sad to have missed during the Princess Half, where she was here taking care of my children!). The race is Labor Day weekend so it was actually possible to go and my husband didn't need to take any days off! It will be a whirlwind trip, but I'm incredibly excited!

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