Friday, May 21, 2010

One Hundred Push Ups

Even before I began running, back in the olden times when I went to the gym or did an exercise DVD at home, I lifted small hand weights for my upper body. In fact, last year for Mother's Day, my children gave me 5 pound weights because I had been complaining that the 3 pound ones were too light. (Thinking about it... I wonder if that was the year before last?)

But having used the 5 pound weights now two to three times a week for a year (or more), they don't really do much for me. I increased the reps, and even that has become too easy. I need to make a change. I have wanted to buy 8 pound weights but something always comes up that takes away my spending money for the week - another race, or gear, or something! LOL

So when I read on the ROTE boards yesterday about the "Hundred Push Up Challenge" I became very intrigued. I visited the website, and decided to give it a try! Because I'm not a glutton for punishment, and because I spend enough time on my toes in ballet class, I'm going to be doing the push ups on my knees. It may be cheating, but I'm good with that! If I can end up doing the hundred on my knees, I can always attempt the challenge again with real push ups! :)

This morning I did the initial test. I was surprised that I can do 14 push ups before my arms gave out. My body must be surprised, too, as my arms are still quivering! :) I looked at the Week 1 guide and apparently that puts me at the 3rd level for the Week 1 training. I'm thinking "ACK!"

I guess we'll see how it goes! I'll be starting the program on Monday, and my plan is to do it on Monday-Wednesday-Friday! :)

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  1. Hee hee - I started the pushups challenge a while ago (and never finished) because I read about it on ROTE. I never finished because I surprisingly got myself pregnant and priorities changed... enjoy the challenge!