Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Sorry this is late! It was a crazy week, followed by a crazy weekend!! Here is what training looked like:

Monday - run 45 minutes
Tuesday - bike 4 laps (neighborhood)
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - run 40 minutes, plus form drills
Friday - bike 30 minutes
Saturday - rest
Sunday - long run 6.6 miles

I had to change things up on the weekend because our homeschool group was having a book sale and I had to be there at 7:30 to help get things set up. There was no way on earth I could do my long run and get back and shower and get ready and get the girls ready (since my husband was out of town). So I just swapped my rest day for my long run day and it all worked out fine.

Training is going well, except it has gotten extremely hot and humid already in Georgia. I really don't remember it being like this last late spring/early summer. It's miserable. I'm getting out to run by 6:30 every morning and it's already just nasty. I have to be really careful to stay properly hydrated.

I also finished up Week 3 of the Hundred Push Up challenge. It has gotten much harder, and I'm fairly certain I'll be repeating week 4 at least one time. But I'm still pleased with my progress. Last week I completed 88 push ups in about a 10 minute time, and I can guarantee you that that has never happened before in my life! LOL It's an excellent feeling! I still find it hard to imagine that I'll ever be able to do 100 push ups without stopping, but once upon a time it was hard to imagine running 3 miles in a row and I do that regularly now.

I'm hoping to get some new running shoes this coming week! Last time I made the mistake of getting new shoes a month before the race and I ended up with a nasty blister. I don't want to do that again!

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