Saturday, July 3, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 5

It's going by so quickly!

Monday - run 45 minutes
Tuesday - bike 31 minutes
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - run 45 minutes
Friday - bike 30 minutes
Saturday - rest
Sunday - Peachtree Road Race (10K)

The oppressive heat and humidity continued all week long. It's really hard to get out and run when it is so miserable outside. It's definitely unpleasant. I find myself longing for the cold weather again! It's nuts! :)

But it appears the weather is taking a turn for the better just in time for the race tomorrow! The forecast calls for it to be 67 degrees and 75% humidity at the start time for my wave. That would be lovely compared to the 74 degrees and 97% humidity I've been running in the last few weeks!

On a side note, I got the wave start placement screw-up fixed and I'll be starting in the correct wave! My husband drove down to the offices during his lunch hour on Tuesday and switched out bibs for my BFF and me! He's really such a good guy! This means I'll be starting (and finishing!) 20 minutes earlier, which can mean a big difference in the GA heat!
I'm still quite nervous about the race tomorrow. There are 55,000 runners!! That's a lot of people to put on a road together. And we're going to have to take the Marta system (subway) which I'm not very familiar with. And then there is the matter of "cardiac hill" during the 4th mile. So my nerves are on high alert! LOL But I'm sure it will all be fine, and I'll be sure to take my camera with me so I can take pictures! Check back tomorrow afternoon for updates!

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