Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 6

The humidity returned, as I knew it would! It makes such a huge difference! UGH!

Monday - bike 40 minutes
Tuesday - run 45 minutes
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - run 45 minutes, plus form drills
Friday - bike 31 minutes, swim 8 laps
Saturday - run 6 miles
Sunday - rest

It was another good week for training (except for the humidity). I was especially glad to get some time in the pool yesterday. The lap lanes were full, though, which was a bummer. The lifeguard suggested I could share a lap lane with someone but that was too far outside my comfort zone. I muttered something about being a bad swimmer and not wanting to ruin someone else's workout and decided to try to swim laps in the regular pool area where other people were. It was OK, but not nearly as good as a nice quiet lap lane. I'll be glad when everyone goes back to school and I can have my pool back again! LOL I did manage to do two sets of 4 laps, or pretty close to it anyway. And I also got to experience what it feels like to have people splash you and have rougher water than a lap lane provides. It's going to be really interesting to try to swim in the lake. Blech.

Today's "long run" was actually shorter than any long run since March. I think my legs were probably wondering why we were stopping already! But it'll be good to get a little down time on the legs before next week's push up again!

I wore my new shoes all week. I'm really liking them! I hope they continue to work well for me, and that they will last until Christmas when I can ask/save up for some new shoes! :)

It's hard to believe that I'm nearly halfway done with training already! Oh, and can you believe I got a jury duty summons for the first week of August? That's the 2nd to biggest week of training! Of course, that's what I worry the most about, not the fact that I don't have anyone to watch the children and my husband might have to either take them to work with him or try to work from home OR we might have to leave the 14 year old home in charge of his sisters all day. Nah, that's not what I'm worried about! LOL It's all about my training schedule! ;) I'm sure it'll all work out... guess I'll be running at 5:30 in the morning!

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