Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 7

I'm now officially halfway through training! It's so exciting!!

Monday - run 50 minutes
Tuesday - bike 40 minutes
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - run 45 minutes, plus form drills
Friday - bike 34 minutes
Saturday - 7 mile run
Sunday - rest

This week was a good one for training, though I didn't get to go to the pool to do any laps. We were really busy with appointments and activities, and didn't get to the pool even once. :( I'm hoping to get to the pool this coming Friday since my "long run" on Saturday will only be 4 miles!

I got my outfit/costume all ready for the race! I'm going to be wearing a white singlet, a red athletic skirt from, a black bondi band, and a Minnie Mouse headband. It's going to be very, very cute! There is a chance that the ROTE runners will be able to order a red sequined skirt from, but it will all depend on how fast they can get them in. It would have to be to me within 2 weeks so I could at least do my 8 miler and 10 miler in it to make sure there are no issues. We'll just have to see. Sparkles would be way too cute, but plain red will be fine as well! :)

On to the last half of training!!

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