Sunday, July 25, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 8

How amazing that the race is 6 weeks from today! I can't believe how fast it's going!

Monday - 50 minute run/swam 8 laps (1/4 mile)
Tuesday - 40 minute bike ride
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 50 minute run plus form drills
Friday - 30 minute bike ride/swam 16 laps (1/2 mile)
Saturday - 4.4 mile run
Sunday - rest

I was pleased to get swimming in this week! A friend of mine has taken up Couch to 5K and she's also started swimming, so twice this week we met to let our kids play and swim while we got our lap swimming in! She is a super fast swimmer, so as soon as her endurance builds, she will be dominating the swimming. I think I've convinced her to do the My First Triathlon with me next spring!! I think it would be so much fun to have a big group of ladies doing it together! :)

Friday's 16 laps was the most I have ever done before. I was excited that I was actually able to do it! I did 4 sets of 3 laps, then the last set I did 4 laps! I remember just a few months ago when 2 laps made me feel like I was going to drown! I think next time I will try to do 4 sets of 4 laps. I have only been doing 8 laps which is the distance I will need for the triathlon, but I think I will keep working on 16 laps. It sure can't hurt to be able to complete twice the distance, especially since the swimming will be at the lake instead of a pool.

Running this week went well, despite the heat and humidity. We've been having heat advisories all week - heat index in the 105-110 range. On Friday when we left the pool, my car said it was 105 outside. That's just miserable! I go running at dawn and it's already dreadfully hot and humid. I'll really be glad when it's fall.

So this was the last week of dropping back in distance before taper madness! It's 3 weeks of hard work from here! I know I can do it, but I admit to being nervous about doing it in this weather! The key will be to stay hydrated! :)

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  1. I am hoping and praying that we end up with nice mild weather when you're here for the Disneyland Half! It's so weird because one week we have temps in the 80s, and the next week it's over 100!
    6 more weeks until my bestie is here IRL, woooooohoooooo!!!! :)