Sunday, July 4, 2010

My first Peachtree!

Around the Atlanta area, if you tell someone you are going to "Run the Peachtree" they don't bat an eyelash. They know that you are talking about the annual 10K road race held each 4th of July in the downtown area. It is billed as the world's largest 10K race, with 55,000 participants and it even sells out within days of the registration opening! My mom works for one of the sponsors, so I got to register early as guests, which eliminated any registration pressure!

The size of the race really intimidated me - did a number on me for sure. I was so nervous that I didn't really get to enjoy the idea of the race. I was just so nervous. I left at 5:10 to pick up my BFF so we could head to the train station to go into downtown.
Here I am in at the start for our wave. It was an absolutely lovely morning... the skies were clear, the temperature moderate, low humidity!
My BFF got a good shot of me running! :)
I loved seeing the Atlanta Skyline in the distance! We were heading that way! :)
And in the end, I got the coveted "Peachtree Road Race Finisher's Shirt"! :)

The atmosphere was so much fun. I've never seen anything like it, not even at the Princess. At the Princess, there were some slow areas where there were no characters or people cheering and it was quiet. There wasn't a quiet spot on this course! There were bands, and restaurants, and people cheering through every single section! Yes, it's half the distance, but it was just amazing! I wonder if the Disneyland Half will be more like this since it runs through a city?!

I ended up having a great time and look forward to running this race again in the future! :)

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