Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training: Week 13

Just a week to go!! I'm getting really excited!

Monday - 40 minute run
Tuesday - 32 minute bike ride
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 40 minute run, plus form drills
Friday - 1/2 mile swim
Saturday - 5 mile run
Sunday - rest

It was a good week of training! It's funny when I start tapering because after running 60 minutes at a time, 40 minutes feels so short. It's almost like I don't even get warmed up before time is up! This last week the runs are only 30 minutes long, except for the last one which is only 20 minutes! I won't know what to do with all my time in the mornings! :)

I made the decision on what to wear during the race: the sparkle skirt with the black singlet! Who would have thought that would be the EASY "what to wear" decision?!? I know I'll wear track pants on the plane, because they are the most comfortable. But I'm finding myself wavering on what to wear in the parks on Saturday and Sunday! Some of the ladies on the ROTE board mentioned wearing running skirts in the parks because they are comfortable and wicking. But as of now the forecast for Saturday and Sunday shows highs of 79/78 and lows of 60 and 59!! That's 15-20 degrees cooler than I'm used to, and I'm a cold-natured person! I'm thinking I need to stick with track pants for Saturday and Sunday as well, with Disney tees, and a long-sleeve shirt and/or hoodie for Sunday night. But I'm afraid I'll be too warm. I just don't know what the southern California weather will feel like! Such a strange feeling this is. I don't usually worry so much about what I'm wearing. But I guess you have to find something to obsess over during Taper Madness, huh?!

I'm going to start packing on Wednesday, so I can have a better idea of the forecast. It seems very, very late for me - I like to pack about a week in advance to be able to mull it over and make sure I'm not forgetting anything! LOL

Final Race Instructions were posted yesterday - that also makes it feel so real! I need to print off all my paperwork and pull it together. It's really hard to focus on much of anything right now, besides the race (you know, like homeschooling my children LOL). I'm hoping that by starting to do some of these tasks, it'll settle my brain a bit. I've been waking up around 2 AM each night with my mind racing!

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