Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time to Sparkle

I forgot to mention that my Sparkle Skirt finally arrived!! It's a great fit, the shorts do not ride up at all, and it's very swishy!

Reece took a picture of me in it, and wanted me to do "fancy hands"! LOL

I'm not sure if I'm going to do the white singlet or my new black one. The black would go better with my headband, so I'm leaning towards that. But white might make it easier for my mom to see me for photographs.

I got to wear it today for my 8 mile run, but it was pouring rain, so it wasn't an ideal test. The shorts did stay down, which is a first for any running skirt I've worn. Monday is supposed to be nice weather so I'll wear it again in the neighborhood and see how it does! I'm not foreseeing any problems!

One minor issue was with the color... I didn't wash it first, and in the rain yesterday, the color bled onto my socks, shoes, and the part of my white singlet. I have my singlet and socks soaking in the washer in Oxyclean right now. If the red doesn't come out of the singlet, I guess I'll have to wear the black one during the race. We'll just have to see! (Edited to add: the dye came out of the singlet, but not the socks! But after wearing the black singlet today, I think I actually prefer it!!)

One step closer!!

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