Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Training - By the Numbers

I did this sort of post right before the Princess Half Marathon (you can see that post here) and I thought it would be fun to do it again!

Since I'm a numbers person, I thought I would tally up all the time/distance I have clocked during this 14 week training program! Because I don't time myself during swimming, I'm using an estimation based on how long I'm usually in the water. I'm not including the 13.1 miles or the time spent running the half-marathon itself! :)

Total Cross-Training Minutes = 928 (15:28:00)
Ballet minutes - 90
Biking minutes - 598
Swimming minutes (estimated) - 240

Total Running Minutes = 2159 (35:59:00)
*Does not include time spent in warm up/cool down walking or form drills, or driving
to and from the park for the long runs

Miles on the bike = 123

Miles in the pool =

Miles run as part of the training program = 204.70
*Does not include distance walked in warm up/cool down or form drills

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