Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flashing my neighborhood (and other running stuff)

Yesterday I went to Fleet Feet to spend my Frequent Buyer voucher. I realized at the DL Half that I was low on Body Glide, but was hoping that the cooler weather would come so I could wear capris and short/long sleeves and I could postpone buying some more until next year. But nope. The weather didn't cooperate with me. It's still in the mid-upper 60s in the morning when I run, and that is skirt/singlet weather for me.

Another issue has come up, though, and that is one of the sunrise. I like to run early in the morning, before the kids wake up. I can get the running done, get back and stretch and do my arms and abs, and shower... all before they are awake. But as the days get shorter, my time to run is less and less. The last 2-3 times, my youngest was awake before I even left. So I decided to get a light, like I had seen some ladies running with at the park. I was pleasantly surprised that Fleet Feet carried an inexpensive one! I knew it would be a good one when I turned it on inside the store and it nearly blinded me! ;)

I used it for the first time this morning, and let me tell you... there is no chance of anyone not seeing me! LOL In fact, I live close to a small airport and I'm a bit concerned the planes will mistake me for the landing strip! ;) But the important part is that I can get my running in when I need to, and I will be safe at the same time.

The last item I bought is some sunscreen for my lips. I've been using a chapstick from Burt's Bees that is all natural, but it has no SPF in it. And considering that my grandmother has had a couple of bouts with melanoma, I don't want to take any chances! :) Lips are able to sunburn like the rest of your body!

So that was my voucher shopping spree! I also checked out their compression socks since I want some of those for recovery, but they were really expensive. I want to look into some that I read about on the ROTE boards, before I decide if I will just spend the $35 on some cute ones from Running that have hearts on them! :)

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