Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zooma Women's Half Marathon Training: Week 1

I decided to call this week the first week of "Training" because it was the first week that I really felt like I was training instead of recovering! :) I'm still quite slow, but that's OK!

Monday - 50 minute run
Tuesday - 40 minute bike ride
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 50 minute run/90 minute ballet class
Friday - 1/2 mile swim
Saturday - 6.6 mile run
Sunday - rest

You may notice that I resumed ballet class! I was really glad that I got to return to class, but it was hard to jump into it again on tired legs! And my ballet class was harder! I asked my teacher about it and she commented that I'm not a first year student anymore! LOL I may have to move my run to Wednesday like I did with the Princess. My legs were screaming at me on Friday night after doing a run, ballet, and swim in the span of 28 hours!

Running while flashing was very effective... there is no way that anyone will miss seeing me with that bright light! :) It's not enough to make me feel comfortable going to a dark park alone, but in my neighborhood where my main concern is getting hit by a car - this works perfectly!

I have 3 more weeks of building back up before it's time to taper again! LOL

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