Friday, October 29, 2010

I Won! I Won!!

Several weeks ago, I entered a contest on my favorite running blog: Run Faster Mommy! The contest was for a "bibfolio" from Gone For a Run. You may be wondering... what is a bibfolio?? Well, it's a handy-dandy place to store all of your race number bibs! Isn't that clever?

So I entered the contest and waited patiently. One morning, while I was out running, this wonderful thought came into my head. If I actually won the contest, I could give the bibfolio to my BFF and running partner! After all, she had paid for my entry into the Thanksgiving Day half-marathon after I had to bail out on her due to my son's medical bills from his ankle surgery (sliding into 3rd base, in case I hadn't mentioned it before - yes, he was safe @@). I knew there was no way I could repay her anytime soon, and I thought this would be a great way to say "thank you"!

So I came in from my run, checked the blog, and low and behold - I had won!!! Amazing!! I had never won anything on a blog before, so I wasn't sure exactly how it worked, but the entire process was very smooth. Here are some pictures of the bibfolio, with a special thank you to my BFF for taking the pictures since I was so excited about it arriving that I forgot to take pics before I gave it to her! (Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret from your BFF???)

Here is the front cover - the quality of the picture is very good. I was really expecting something much different, much less quality. This is really durable, and the picture isn't just printed out and put into a sleeve, it's actually part of the cover art.

Here is the inside, so you can see your bibs. This is her bib from her first race ever on Memorial Day 2009. Next week, she's running her first half-marathon! :)
Here is a side view so you can see how durable it is. I guess I was expecting it to be made of chipboard or something, but this is much sturdier. The quality is very good. I love how she attached her jingle bell from last year's Jingle Jog! :)
And here is the back of the bibfolio.

So overall it's a very well-made item, and quite a clever concept! Thanks so much to Heather at Run Faster, Mommy! and to the folks at Gone for a Run for making this surprise possible! :)

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