Friday, October 15, 2010

It's official! :)

"Congratulations! You have successfully registered for the 2010 Atlanta Half Marathon which will take place on Thursday, November 25 at 7:30 a.m."

In last week's training post, I commented that I hadn't yet decided if I was going to run the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving day to earn my Half Fanatic status. It dawned on me after I posted that I hadn't really mentioned it on my blog before. "Half Fanatic" is a website/club for people who run lots of half marathons. There are qualifying criteria, and the lowest one is to run two half marathons in a 16 day time period, or 3 in a 90 day time period. Well, in looking at my schedule of Disneyland and Zooma, I realized that I only needed to do another by the first weekend in December to become a Half Fanatic! (And yes, the Half Fanatics are something I learned about on the ROTE boards - it's a dangerous place!).

Anyway, I'd been saving up the money for the registration while trying to determine if it was possible for this old, injury-prone body to run two half marathons 19 days apart. But then it seemed the decision was made for me on Sunday when I checked our health care plan's information online and saw the first of the bills from Austin's ankle surgery starting to come in... and seeing how much we would owe. And in December, I have to pay for dance recital costumes for Riley (not going to do the recital myself - that would be an additional costume expense, and I spoke to my ballet teacher about it last night and she said that one of the other ladies in our class came to her separately and said she wasn't comfortable about the recital, so that solves that!). Anyway, I informed my BFF - who I was, of course, going to drag along for the occasion. I felt so bad since it was my idea. :(

The next day she asked to stop by the house on her way to do errands. She had with her a paper she wanted me to sign... the registration for the race. I told her that she couldn't do that, it was too much money, etc. but she simply refused to hear it. In fact, she told me if I didn't sign my name, she would forge my name and then I would cause her to be a felon!! ACK! She plays dirty! :)

So, it's now official... I have the best BFF in the world! And no, you can't have her!! :)

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