Saturday, October 9, 2010

Zooma Women's Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Monday - 60 minute run
Tuesday - 40 minute bike ride
Wednesday - 50 minute run, plus form drills
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class
Friday - 1/2 mile swim
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday - rest

It's the second to last week of build-up before the half marathon. Training went very well this week. It was the first time since I tweaked my leg in August that I've run without any sort of twinge to remind that I had hurt it. That's a huge relief. I've been focusing on my form quite a bit during the past few weeks and I think that helps. Too often, I tend to push forward from my shins/lower leg, which is really not good for me. I've been focusing more on using my upper leg and keeping my lower leg neutral. Also, I've been focusing on my footstrike and making sure my stride is not overly stretched out.

I'm trying not to be nervous about this half marathon. I know I've done two before so it shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, those were in Florida and California, where the biggest hills were the overpasses for the highways! LOL This one is in north Georgia - land of "rolling hills" which come close to resembling mountains! ;) It's intimidating. I am looking forward to seeing how I am able to perform in a race where I haven't spent the days prior to the race walking around Disney! :)

We had an abbreviated ballet class on Thursday because we spent part of class looking at and being measured for costumes for the recital in the spring. Yeah, freaky, huh? Last year I joined the class because it said, "Recital Participation Optional" and she has kept that policy this year. But Miss Dorinda (how can I call her anything but that when she taught my daughter for the last 4 years!?!) is really encouraging us to participate this year. There are 3 in my class, and we were talking about it and looking at costumes. We found one that I think we all agree upon, and it's a lovely shade of blue which is my favorite color. And it looks like we would dance to "Old Rugged Cross" which is a beautiful hymn. It sounded so good and so do-able when we were at the dance studio... then I got home and thought, "You've gotta be kidding me!?!" LOL The recital will be the week after the Warrior Dash, too... so I'd have to be really careful not to hurt myself there!

I still haven't decided if I'm going to go for Half Fanatic status and run the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day. I need to save up the money for the entry fee, which is a good way to give me time to decide how badly I want to be a Half Fanatic! ;)

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