Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zooma Women's Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Monday - 50 minute run
Tuesday - 30 minute bike ride
Wednesday - 40 minute run, plus form drills
Thursday - 90 minute ballet class
Friday - 1/2 mile swim
Saturday - 10K race
Sunday - rest

This was the first week of the taper and it was a good time to start tapering... it seemed like everything else in my world was going crazy, so it was nice to have a little extra time to recoup!

Today was my long run, and I had the privilege of accompanying another friend of mine during her first race experience. She chose the Fast Pace Race 10K (which was my first 10K last year) except this was her first race ever, and she just started running 3 months ago! She was nervous, as you can imagine. I found one of the most intimidating parts of racing was just the whole logistics of what you're supposed to do... where do you pick up your number, where do you wear it, where is the start line, and on and on. I don't like my running friends, especially the ones that I really jump-started into running, to have to do that alone. And this is a great course, plus I was excited to see how it compared to last year's run when it seemed SO long and lonely!

Everything went really well, I thought. She walked just a bare minimum, which is especially impressive considering her training went awry and her longest run was 4 miles. And she finished in under 70 minutes, when the limit was 75! She accomplished her goal of getting an official time to be used for corral placement (hopefully) in the 2011 Disney Princess Half! It was fantastic to be able to encourage her and keep her moving forward to the goal that I knew she could accomplish! Her brother came out for the race, too - all the way from VA - and together we flanked her and kept her going. At least we did until she saw the finish line... when she sprinted! LOL She's gonna be one fast runner when her endurance catches up to her competitiveness! ;)

Swimming went well this week... practiced my new stroke and some of the other tips my coach gave me. Biking was more of a challenge. I'm really getting bored just riding around this little stretch of my neighborhood. It's hard to even get motivated to get out there. I think I'm going to have to try to add some weekend biking after all the half-marathons are over, weather permitting. I really love my bike, but it's so hard to just ride in the same little circles - especially when they are mostly the same circles I run in during the week, too. Hopefully there will be some pretty December weather which will allow me some afternoon bike time at the park or something.

Just 2 more weeks until the Zooma half!! I'm getting excited!

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