Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zooma Women's Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Monday - 40 minute run
Tuesday - 30 minute bike ride
Wednesday - 30 minute run, plus form drills
Thursday - 60 minute ballet class
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6.5 mile run
Sunday - rest

Had a great week of training/tapering! It was a funny week because it seemed to drag on - I actually had to look in my training calendar to remember what I did, because it felt like there was no way that the 10K was only last week.

Added up my mileage for the month and was excited to see that I had run more miles this month than ever before - 73.3 miles! Only one month came close and that was July. July did kick butt with the biking though, doubling this month, because I biked twice a week back then. Maybe I'll start adding a weekend bike ride in the afternoons, since biking in the neighborhood is driving me insane.

Just one more week until the half. I am still really nervous about running a half in this area - hills! ACK! Well, I'll do the very best I can - one foot in front of the other! :)

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