Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Atlanta Half Marathon: How am I supposed to train for this??

Well, in my attempt to become a "Half Fanatic", I will be running another half marathon in 16 days... Thanksgiving Day to be precise.

Unfortunately, there are no "19 days between two half marathons" training plans so I'm going to have to wing this one! :) My goal is basically this: recover and don't get injured.

I usually run 2 short runs per week and one longer one, and I will keep that up. I did 3 miles yesterday, and I will shoot for 4 miles tomorrow. This Saturday I have a 5K fundraiser for my church, but that's in the evening, so if I'm feeling well, I'll run 5 miles in the morning as well. Next week, I plan to do 4 miles each for my short runs, and then next Saturday, I'll shoot for 5-6 miles. I've been thinking I might go as far as 8 miles, but it will all depend on how I'm feeling. Then I'll run on the Tuesday before the race, just a 3 miler to keep my legs stretched out.

After Thanksgiving, I will find myself without any major even to train for! I have been in "Half Marathon Training" mode since May 31st! That's a really long time! I don't have to start training for the triathlon until March or April... so that gives me 3-4 good months to just kick back and relax in maintenance mode!! I'm even considering taking a whole week off from running in December when the girls and I go to Disney World! Can you believe it? I haven't taken a whole week off from running since I started running 2 years ago!

It's so exciting to think I'll be a Half Fanatic in just a couple of weeks - I just have to keep my focus and allow myself plenty of time to recover from last weekend!

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