Friday, November 5, 2010

It's the day before Zooma and...

I haven't taken a plane and I haven't spent all day long walking around a Disney park! LOL

This will be my first local half-marathon! It's so strange that it just sort of popped up in the middle of my regular life. And tomorrow after I'm finished, I won't go back to a hotel, shower, and head to a Disney park. Nope, this time I'll come home, shower, and probably go to the grocery store! ;) Or maybe not! I do know my hubby is planning to brave the cold and grill me a steak! THAT is better than any food I could hope to find at Disney or anywhere else, for that matter!

The weather is still looking really cold, but not as bad as previously anticipated: 33 at the start, 39 by the time we finish. It's completely thrown all of my "what to wear" plans out of whack completely. I'm going to have to wear my Tough Girl Skirt Sports skirt with the built-in pants, and I've never tested it out on a long run before. :( Let's just hope it's as comfortable as it was during the ONE 5 mile run I did get in it.

Tonight is the Expo and race number pick up! I'm getting pretty excited!!

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