Monday, December 6, 2010

Insert Interesting Title Here

Wow, now how will I know what to title my posts??? LOL I guess I could count this as recovery? It's actually kind of funny... I went for my long run on Saturday, and my legs were really heavy. And I couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me that I ran a half only 9 days earlier. So, yeah, 7 miles might be kind of tough. The recovery had been so much easier than with the Princess or Zooma that I sort of forgot. But my legs didn't.

The plan now is maintenance. After the holidays, I will run two weekday runs of 4 miles each. On Saturday I will rotate 5 miles, 8 miles, 10 miles. I would really like to maintain the endurance that I've built up over the last year, so that I could throw in a half marathon here and there if I wanted to. I really do enjoy that distance. 10Ks are probably my favorite. Unfortunately, 5Ks hardly seem worth the time and effort anymore! LOL I usually have to drive longer than I'd be running.

The other days will be cross-training and rest days. I'm going to continue to bike and swim as often as I can. They are both hard to get in during the colder weather, especially the biking. It's just SO much colder on a bike than running. And the pool is indoors, but it's still too chilly in the building for my tastes. I know that once I get in the pool and get moving I'm fine. It's just getting into the pool that's hard!

Last week I added Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred to my cross-training, in place of a bike ride. It was a lot of fun. My BFF has done Jillian since she started her fitness revolution, and she loves her. She is a little annoying to me - Jillian, not my BFF! LOL But it's a rare DVD workout that can get me sweating, and this one did, so I think I'll stick with it, at least until it's biking weather again! :)

One last fun thing! Look what I came home with from our church's ornament swap!! Now I have my very own penguin on the tree!! When the girls saw it, they both said, "Waddle on!!!" LOL

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