Saturday, December 11, 2010

Race Report: 2010 Jingle Jog for Autism

Today was the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K. This was the very first race I ever ran way back in 2008! Last year I hadn't really been able to test myself because I was running with my older daughter. So this year I was really looking forward to it.

My BFF and I decided it would be fun to dress up for this one like we did for Lanier Under the Lights! :) I put the fur on my Sparkle Skirt this time, and wore my green vest! It was so much fun!
Here are me and my BFF/running partner! She dressed up as an elf! :) I personally think we should have won a prize for our costumes! LOL
The race itself was very nice. Since we had 10 miles on the schedule today, my BFF and I met at the park early this morning to get in 7 miles. Then we went home and got ready for the race! LOL I had intended to just leisurely jog my way through the 5K, but I actually ended up racing it. Well, "racing" for me... probably a leisurely jog for most folks! LOL My unofficial time was 29:10 - I missed a PR by only 36 seconds which is amazing considering I had already run 7 miles this day. My BFF won 2nd place in our age group and her unofficial time was 25:03. I am really hoping that when the official results are posted, she will have a sub-25:00 5K under her belt. Regardless, she has a new PR which is cool!
The only thing to disappoint me this year is the race shirt. It is usually a very nice, thick, long-sleeve shirt. This years is a thin, flimsy short-sleeve shirt which is sized way too big. I will get over it, though. And it won't stop me from running in next year's race! :)

This is my last race for 2010!! This has been quite a year!!

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