Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 By the Numbers

Running (and Walking) miles: 814.5
Cycling Miles: 342.73
Swimming Miles: 30.99 

I also clocked 42.46 miles on the Elliptical in the month of December, and countless hours of Yoga, Rolling, and Stretching at the end of the year due to my IT Band Injury.

I'm sure next year will have far fewer running (and walking @@) miles, but that's OK. Gotta get - and stay - healthy!


It was a rough 24 hours or so. I woke up on Friday morning just feeling awful. My legs felt so weak and tired. And I felt exhausted to the bone. I made the decision to skip my cross-training workout, but I think that ended up making it worse. Knowing that I would be at Disney in a week really freaked me out. I spent the whole day intermittently breaking into tears. I was full of such fear and doubt. Can I really even attempt to participate in this Marathon Weekend when I've barely been able to train? Am I going to be all alone again walking like I did in Savannah? Was it even worth it to get up at 2 AM for two days in a row and try to finish? And I was lamenting my achy, weak, and tired legs. WHY are they so sore??  When is this ever going to be over?!

I woke up this morning feeling much the same way. I had planned 5 miles on the elliptical, but I was having a hard time wondering what was the point. But, as I have for too many days in the last two months, I got up and did my stretches and rolling like a good girl. My husband made the mistake of asking me what was wrong and I ripped his head off. NOT my best moment. I burst into tears yet again, and then cried all the way to the gym.

Thankfully the first couple of songs on my playlist were just what I needed to hear - praise songs, including one that I mentioned a few days ago. It was enough to remind me that I don't need to face this weekend with my own strength. It was also enough to remind me that I should have been praying more this week instead of sinking into misery. I texted an apology to my husband. I wish I could text one to God as well. :(

I don't know what next weekend has in store for me. It's very disconcerting. I'm a planner and I don't know what will happen. It scares me. I am very, very scared. I need to get over this so I'm not a party-pooper at my happy place!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who woulda thunk it??

Today was my weekly appointment with my massage lady. And it was heavenly!

Yes, it's happened. The woman who doesn't like to be touched really loves her sports massage! She has only bruised me two more times since the original time - and only very small amounts. I don't know if it's just the timing or if it's really helped this much, but since I've been going to her every week, my progress has really taken off!

Today she started off by laying a warm compress on the nape of my neck. OMG!!! I think I actually fell asleep! LOL And it's not like she's gentle... she was actually quite intense today. She really worked my IT Bands and the front of my knees (once I flipped over). But it's so relaxing, despite it being intense.

I believe I'm going to be sad when I'm done with Goofy and don't have an excuse to go weekly! LOL

Monday, December 26, 2011

And this makes two!

Two pain-free runs, that is!

I ran this morning with my usual routine: 5 minute warm-up, 30 minute run of 1/1 intervals, and 10 minute cool-down. I was a little worried about how it would go because my legs were quite tired from Saturday's 10 mile escapade on the elliptical. But with Marathon Weekend a mere 10 days away and this being my second-to-last run, I didn't want to put it off. So I wearily stumbled out of bed (Christmas really did me in!) and got to stretching.

I didn't do my regular full stretching routine this morning because I wanted to see how my legs would hold up. On Marathon Weekend, I will be waking up at 2 AM to do some stretching and rolling before getting on a bus at 3. I estimate my wave won't take off until 5:45 or so. That's a long time to wait. I will be able to stretch again before my wave takes off, but it won't be my regular routine. So I wanted to test it out.

Everything went pretty well. It was cold outside, and I wore my CW-X Stabiliyx capris and my IT Band Straps. This time I wore my Nike shoes instead of the new Brooks ones. I am having second-thoughts about wearing the new Brooks shoes since they haven't been tested on a long run. I think I will wear my Nikes for both days - perhaps using the ones I trained in for the half (since they have only around 200 miles on them) and the new Nikes for the full. I thought I felt a twinge now and then in my right knee, but sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining it. Overall, everything felt great!

I was able to think through my strategy while I was running. Even though I have successfully done the 1/1 intervals during these last two training runs, I think I might back down to a 1/4 interval for the races. I am really under-trained because of this injury. I am definitely on the road to recovery, but I haven't done a long run in months. I have done 8 and 10 miles on the elliptical, but I don't know how that translates to time on the road. I really do not want to aggravate my injury! Even though I don't want to walk the majority of the races, I think that's going to be my best shot at completing the races with the least amount of irritation to my IT Bands!

I can't believe the races are less than 2 weeks away! Oh my!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goofy Challenge Training - Week 3

This is the last of the "big push" before Marathon Weekend! I felt good all week! My left thigh has been a little tight the last couple of days but I think that's because of the increase in the mileage that I've been doing.

Monday - 30 minute run; 15 minute warm-up/cool-down walk
Tuesday - 1600 mile swim
Wednesday - Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
Thursday - 60 minute elliptical; Daily Yoga
Friday - 30 minute recumbent bike; 10 minute cool-down walk; Daily Yoga
Saturday - 10 mile elliptical; 10 minute cool-down walk; Daily Yoga
Sunday - The Athlete's Guide to Yoga (planned)

I also did weights on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Just a little bit to help with the leg strength for the IT Bands. I'll do more weights after Goofy. I had my Weekly massage on Wednesday and I think that's really helping. She still bruises me now and then, but that's more because I bruise easily and not because she's too rough. 

Now I will institute a taper of sorts. I have been feeling really good and my recovery seems to be going very well. I think it will be a good idea to take things down a notch or two and rest up the legs before the challenge! I don't think there is anything else to be gained from pushing more at this point. I'll rest up, keeping moving daily, and see how it all plays out!

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holiday everyone! :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Tuesday morning was rough. I woke up sad and dejected. I didn't want to go to the pool to swim. I was worried that my arms were going to hurt like they did the previous week. I was messaging with my poor husband at work and I was sobbing. I was tired and I was frustrated. My husband encouraged me to go ahead and go - he knows me well enough to know that it would probably make me feel better.

As I was getting my swimsuit on, a song popped into my head: "Trading My Sorrows" by Darrell Evans. It's a song that my husband used to play a lot several years ago, but he hasn't done it at this church. Some of the lyrics include:

I'm trading my sickness
I'm trading my pain
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord.

and from the chorus:

I'm pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed
I'm blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure
And His joy is going to be my strength.

The song ran through my head all day, and really into Wednesday as I woke up singing it in my head! When I posted it on my Facebook page, a friend replied with the name of the verse that pertains to that song. I went hunting it down and this is what I found:

“Go and celebrate with a feast of rich foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” Nehemiah 8:10 NLT

A light bulb went off in my head!! This will be my focus verse for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! Disney World's theme recently was "What are you celebrating?" and I intend to celebrate while I'm there! I may not complete the Goofy Challenge, but I'm going to have a great time! I'm going to feast with rich foods and sweet drinks and have a great time with my friends! I'm not going to be dejected or sad, because my joy comes from the Lord and that is the source of my strength! (I will admit that the "sacred day before the Lord" part is a bit of a stretch - not sure how sacred any half marathon or marathon would be, but maybe it's sacred in a way because it means so much to me?)

The more I considered the song and the verse, I recalled that another of my favorite songs uses the same line, "For the joy of the Lord is my strength"! And, as if to put an exclamation point on the whole thing, I remembered that my Word of the Year for 2011 has been JOY! I really don't believe in coincidences - I truly believe this was a whisper from God!

And it could not have come at a better time! It's now a little more than 2 weeks until Marathon Weekend, and I've been feeling sad and scared and frustrated and overwhelmed. I want to do my "best" during these races and I really want to "Go Goofy" but I don't want to set back my recovery. I've worked SO hard to get to this point where I am starting to have pain-free days, and my first pain-free run! I don't want to have to start all over again, and really I can't because I can't afford to go back to physical therapy. So I have to play this smart. But I am a planner, and to not have a plan - and actually to have my "plan" get completely derailed - has been unbearably hard. And it makes me so sad.

But God knows what I'm going through and He is there for me. And He used this song to let me know. And He used this verse to give me my plan: Go. Celebrate. No sadness. His joy will be my strength.

Good plan! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At long last...

Yesterday, for the first time since early October, I experienced A PAIN FREE RUN!!!!!

Now, granted, it wasn't very far - a mere 2.42 miles doing 1/1 intervals - but it was completely pain free, even afterwards! I clocked an additional 1.28 miles of walking before and afterwards and it was pain free as well! :)

I'm not sure what the difference was yesterday. It could have been the CW-X Stabilyx capri tights (but I don't think it was that alone because I got them before the marathon and they didn't help at that point). It could have been the Cho-pat IT Band straps that I wore WITH the capris. It could have been the fact that I decreased by interval from 2/1 (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking) to 1/1. It could have been a combination of any of those (I did throw everything but the kitchen sink at it yesterday LOL). Or it simply might have been the right time in my recovery. At this point, I simply don't care! It was simply wonderful to run and not be in pain! I wish it could have been a longer duration and a lot more running, but I will need to be patient (again).

Beyond being encouraging, yesterday's pain-free run gives me a base from which to build now. I have been keenly interested in Jeff Galloway's advice on recovering from ITBS, and he emphasizes staying under the threshold of irritation. So now I know where my threshold is, and I need to work from there. Now, while Goofy is still on my radar, I will simply stay where I am: same intervals, same duration, etc. And hopefully, I can do enough walking during Goofy to keep it from being irritated again. Then I will rest for a few weeks to recover from Goofy, and then I can begin to rebuild my endurance. Slowly.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goofy Challenge Training - Week 2

I ramped things up a bit again this week! Since my run went well on Monday, I decided to push the legs a little with the bike and elliptical and see how it went. The schedule below does not include the obscene amount of stretching and rolling I'm doing.

Monday - 30 minute run (2/1 intervals); 15 minute walk (warm-up and cool-down); 
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim; weights at the gym; Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
Wednesday - Daily Yoga (25 minutes)
Thursday - 60 minutes elliptical; daily yoga
Friday - 45 minutes recumbent bike; weights; daily yoga
Saturday - 8 mile elliptical; 10 minute treadmill walk; daily yoga
Sunday - The Athlete's Guide to Yoga (49 minutes)

I am actually spending MORE time working out now than I did at the peak of marathon training. Who would have thought it would be more work to recover and rehabilitate an injury?!? It's exhausting! I stretch twice a day, roll 3 times a day, and then yoga every evening before bed. That's in addition to the other workouts I have planned. Once I'm through with Goofy weekend, I have to do less. It's just too much time involved. If that means my recovery takes longer then so be it. :(

I cut my swim short on Tuesday because my arms were sore. It was unexpected because I hadn't done the weights on my arms since Friday, and it worried me. I do not want to lose being able to swim, too, now. So I took it easy and also didn't work my arms at the gym this week. But my arms are still sore. Last night during yoga I think I got a clue as to what could be causing it - yoga! I think it's all those darn downward-facing dogs! LOL Anyway, we'll see how Tuesday's swim goes. Hopefully it will be much better. I am also planning to do the yoga conditioning workout for swimming tomorrow evening and see if it helps. 

I am anxious to see how my run will go tomorrow. My legs are pretty tired from yesterday's 8 miles on the elliptical (I assume) and today we were on the go all day for Christmas, including a lot of time in the car (one place that still aggravates my knees). I only got to do yoga and stretch once and roll twice. I am planning to take it easy and do a 1/1 interval for my 30 minutes running, and if I feel more than a twinge, I'll walk more. Assuming it goes well, I will do 10 miles on the elliptical next weekend before beginning a 'taper' of sorts.

Just 3 more weeks. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

So sad

All of my friends who are training for WDW Marathon Weekend are peaking in their training this weekend with 20 milers (or more). I am so happy for them, but I have this big heavy spot in my chest right now. It feels like I can't even breathe right.

That should be me. I was supposed to be doing my last 'double' this weekend - 10 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. I was supposed to be getting my body and my mind prepped for the challenge that is a mere 3 weeks away.

But I'm not. Things didn't work out the way I had planned. Nothing has worked out the way I had planned for the last 2 months.

I should be getting in my last push of training so I can go into Marathon Weekend confident that I can handle the task that lay before me.

But I'm not.

And that makes me so very, very, very sad.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gym Girl again

On Tuesday morning, I joined a different gym.

I was a gym girl back in the day... in college, then when we first got married, and again a few years ago. I dropped my gym membership in 2008 when my husband lost his part-time job at our old church. I decided that running was surely cheaper than that gym membership. Yeah, maybe it started out that way! LOL

Anyway, with the need to do more cross-training, I decided to try out the gym again. I got a free month trial at a local gym and they were very nice, but ultimately they were more than twice the cost of a no-frills gym, and they had a one-year contract (not having a contract on non-essentials is very important to me in this economy). So I made my decision, and I went over to the no-frills gym to join up. I couldn't wait for my free month trial to be over at the other place because the hours I could visit that place while I was a visitor were not convenient for my schedule.

I got up to do my stretches before heading to the gym. It was still dark when I arrived so it was nice and uncrowded. I was to do the elliptical machine today and there was only one of them being used. The music was loud and not my style, so I hooked up my mp3 player and pulled up an old playlist. I really had forgotten how tedious the elliptical can be, but I guess running in the neighborhood is the same way - and in the gym I don't have to worry about bad weather, sleepy drivers, or stray dogs! LOL

I did a 5 minute slow warm-up, and then did 45 minutes at my target pace (5.5 mph) and that did a good job of keeping me close to the target heart rate as indicated on the machine. Then I did a 10 minute slow cool-down. I ended up going 5.35 miles in all, which isn't bad. I did a few stretches afterward and then did two of the leg weight machines. My legs were still pretty sore after Tuesday's weights, so I decided to take it easier today. I figure that I can go hard on the strength training after Goofy. After the legs, I did some core work. I'm not sure that these are called, but one thing you climb up on and hang your legs down then lift them to your tummy. Another machine you lay over and raise yourself up in the front and on the sides. I will just call it "core work" until I learn what it's called!

The gym was much more crowded by the time I was finished, especially the treadmills. And the sun comes in through the front window (they need some sort of window tinting or blinds), so I'm glad I came early. I'll be hitting the gym a few times a week, alternating between the elliptical and the recumbent bike! Once I'm recovering from Goofy, I may add in the treadmill, and I can foresee using it during the summer when it's dangerously hot outside. Or when it storms. I've never run on a treadmill before, though, so that will an experience to write about for sure! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Running (mostly) without pain!

Yesterday was my weekly run. It was a bitterly cold, windy, and damp morning. As would figure, the coldest day in the forecast for the whole week. My BFF told me that if I want to run in the sun, I may have to be more flexible with my schedule! But it took a great deal of planning to get my training schedule worked out, and I am hesitant to mess with it! :D

I did my 5 minute warm-up, but I should use that term lightly because I was definitely not 'warmed up' by the time it was over. I think the next time if it's cold I may walk for 10 minutes. Then I did the 2/1 interval again which had been successful last week. This time around, I had no twinging at all until around 24-25 minutes into the 30 minute session! That was more than twice as long as last week! In fact, I was considering going an extra 10 minutes, but then I began to feel some twinges and decided to stop at 30 minutes as planned. I did a cool down walk for 10 minutes after the intervals were done. I didn't get any discomfort at all until I got back home, and then it went away quickly once I began to roll and stretch. I had a little twinge of discomfort a couple of times during the day in my knees, and for some reason part of my right quad was twinging as well, but nothing bad.

I was incredibly tired yesterday, though. Not sure why it was so bad, except maybe all of the work I'm doing in the gym is starting to catch up with me. I've not done much in the way of cardio work except for swimming for the last month or so. And then I added running, walking, bike, and elliptical all at once. I hope that's the case. I'm only going to add a little distance/time this week to the elliptical in an effort to be a little more prepared for marathon weekend.

I'm trying not to be nervous. I'm doing all I can do prepare myself. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goofy Challenge Training - Week 1

I guess since I'm at the gym and on the roads again, I need I can officially call myself "in training", huh? 5 weeks of training for 39.3 miles over 2 days? Sure! No problem!!

Here is what it looked like this week (assume PT stretches 2 times per day and Rolling 3 times per day):

Monday - 30 minute walk (2/1 interval); 15 minute walk
Tuesday - 30 minute recumbent bike; weights
Wednesday - Physical Therapy; 40 minute elliptical; weights
Thursday - massage; Yoga Conditioning for Athlete/YCFA (60 minutes)
Friday - 1700 yard swim; weights; YCFA 
Saturday - 1 mile walk; 3.1 mile walk; YCFA
Sunday - YCFA

So I'm starting to ramp up my intensity again and I will need to monitor myself very carefully. I want to be able to train without aggravating my injury. That's going to be tricky. I think the temptation will be to do too much, too quickly - and that will be a mistake. This is a very precarious time in my recovery

My massage went much better this week. Instead of feeling sore and achy, I felt like my legs were very loose and relaxed. It was great!

I'm seeing little signs of progress every day, which is nice. I know that recovery does not take place in a linear manner, so I will need to remember that if I have a twinge or some pain in the next week, it doesn't mean that I am going backward - though it will be wise to take a break and see how it feels the next day.

A friend gave me some very wise counsel when I mentioned to her that I don't want Marathon Weekend to be a waste. Basically she told me that it will be what I make of it - whether I complete Goofy, or part of it, or none of it at all. And she is so right! I'll be at Disney with friends! It will be a wonderful time! :)

I guess I need to start thinking about what I'm going to wear - and start a shopping and packing list! ACK!

Race Report: 2011 Jingle Jog for Autism 5K

This race holds such a special place in my heart because it was my very first 5K back in 2008, and it's the race my big kids ran for their first 5K in 2009, and because the money raised goes directly to support autistic individuals in the local community! When I was released to run, I was really glad that it was in time to participate in the Jingle Jog. But after discussing with friends who have successfully recovered from ITBS about how to balance training and recovery in time for Goofy in 4 short weeks, I decided that I needed to walk this race. It was a hard decision because this year, for the first time, I was planning to really see how well I could do. 2008 was the first time I was racing, 2009 I ran it with Riley, and 2010 I had already done 7 miles before I got there and my legs were tired. I really, really wanted to see how fast I could do a 5K now. Alas, it was not meant to be. But I was OK with it. If I've learned nothing else over the last two months, it's how to put aside a short-term goal in favor of a long-term one!

Since I wasn't going to be running, I decided to get busy with the cute costume! I wore my green sparkle skirt (that was purchased as part of my Ariel costume for Princess 2012 which I will not be attending) and some cute socks I found on clearance at Target. I wore my new Injinji toe socks that I got at the MCM expo underneath the cute socks to prevent blistering. The santa hat topped off the ensemble, though I think a cute bell or something around my neck would have really made the outfit. Will have to check Target clearance this year and see what I can find for next year!

My BFF decided to walk with me, since she had already done 11 miles of her scheduled 16 miles earlier that morning. We met up with a lady from the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics group and one of her friends, and we all walked the Fun Run together. I had asked if that would be OK so BFF could get closer to her scheduled miles, and they said it was fine as long as I didn't win! Yeah, no worries! LOL We walked the entire mile at a pretty good clip and my knee didn't even twinge at all!! YAY! I stretched it out a little while waiting for the 5K to begin, but it really felt fine. BFF and I walked the 5K just the two of us

The course was slightly different this year due to some issues with permits, I think. Overall, I like the course better, except for the fact that there were a couple of places where you have to share the trail with folks coming back on their way to the finish and you have to go single file on the path (or go into the grass/dirt). If there were slower people (and surprisingly there were, even for us!) you had to slow down and wait until you could find a good place to pass. Had I been running for time, I would not have liked that one bit. But since I wasn't, it was only a minor annoyance.

My official time was 44:30, which works out to less than a 15 minute mile - SO awesome!! Even better is the fact that I didn't have a single bit of knee pain at ALL!! It was fantastic! It was really hard not to try to run, just a little bit, even though I felt good. But I kept thinking of my ultimate goal! :)

One other best part of the whole experience was the race shirt - back to long sleeve again this year and the theme is PENGUINS!! And the colors are my shades of blue that I like so well! I'm not sure they could have made it more perfect if they had consulted with me beforehand! Isn't it great?
It was a great day and a great race, even though I didn't break any land speed records or run a PR or win an age group award! The weather was beautiful; I wasn't in pain; I got to catch up with my BFF for the first time in a long while; and the shirt rocks!! Can't ask for much more!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Weak legs

Today after my swim, I stopped by the gym to do some more of the leg workouts that Steve set up for me. He wants me to do 2 sets of 30 reps. Now, maybe it's just me... but that is a LOT of reps. I knew I was going to have to go down low on the weight to make that many reps. But I was shocked at just how low.

The adductor machine (I hope that's correct - it's the one where you push IN, I'm not supposed to do the other one) wasn't too bad. I did about 60 pounds, and I can see going up soon to higher weight.

But the leg curls? The ones where you sit with knees bent and lift up, or the ones where you sit with legs out and press down?? 10 pounds!!!!

No, that's not a typo! 10 pounds. And I was hurting at the end of each set and having to take breaks. It was pathetic!!

Steve told me that IT Band trouble is a combination of a lack of flexibility and strength. Wow.  It's amazing to me that my legs can run so much and still be so fundamentally weak. :(

Time to remedy that!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jump Rope

"Up - Down - Up- Down - Up - Down - Up - Down- Yeah! It will get hard. Remember, life's like a jump rope."

That's the chorus from one of my favorite band's songs! And it reflects well on my state of mind lately! I posted a few days ago that, "When my mind is clear..." I am able to keep all of these struggles lately in perspective. But, unfortunately, I struggle with keeping my mind clear. This is one of my major character faults, but it has gotten better. Some days are just harder than others.

This week on Tuesday I joined a gym. I had a free month coupon on my grocery store receipt at Thanksgiving and figured this would be a good way to test out a local gym near my house. My receipt was so long that there were actually two of these free month coupons on it, so I took my BFF with me so I wouldn't have to walk in alone!It's a nice place and the manager is very sweet. I did the recumbent bike the first day, and the elliptical the next day! I did arms and abs that first day as well, and legs yesterday. It was great, but a little weird to be in the gym after so long. But this will be good for me to get in some cardio without aggravating my ITBS. I think unless something goes wonky during the next few weeks, I will join this gym so I can keep up cardio while I am in my two month hiatus from running.

Yesterday I had my last PT session. I can't say enough how much I appreciated that entire place - the whole staff was so awesome and especially my PT, Steve. He gave me a lot of stretches to do, and some exercises for the gym machines, and told me to stop by after the race and let him know how it went! He also told me that he thinks I'm ahead of the game as far as my recovery, which was encouraging, considering how slowly this seems to be going for me.

Bib numbers were released yesterday for Marathon Weekend, and I learned to my dismay that you wear the same bib for Goofy on both days! So everyone will know I'm trying for Goofy, and it will be embarrassing like it was at Savannah when I had on a full bib but did the half course. UGH. None of this is turning out the way I had envisioned. I guess that's life, though. :) It's like a jump rope!

Four weeks from today I will be waking up at Disney World!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Goofy Training Run #2

This morning I went out for a second run since Steve told me last week that it's time to run again. I was really not looking forward to it, and had a rough time sleeping last night in anticipation. But I got myself out of bed and did my rolling and my PT stretches, and was grateful that it was around 50 degrees this morning instead of in the 30s.

I found a page on Jeff Galloway's site that is related to dealing with IT Band injuries. He talks about staying below the threshold of irritation. So, since my last run was discomfort doing a 3/1 interval, I decided today to do a 2/1 interval. It seemed to work! I didn't feel any twinges until around 12 minutes into the 30 minute workout. And then it didn't really even get to a level of discomfort until about 24-25 minutes. That's really great!

I came in and stretched a lot and rested a bit and it seems to be OK. It's a little stiff and cranky, but I think that's because I've been sitting down for awhile. Once I get moving around again, I hope it will go back to normal. I'll do some rolling and stretching again today, as usual, and that is sure to help!

One thing that amazes me is how tired my legs are after such a short run. I don't know if it's all the stretching that's making my legs so tired. Or what is going on. But you'd think I ran 10-15 miles or something the way my legs are feeling! I guess I've lost a lot of fitness. :(

Sunday, December 4, 2011

IT Band Recovery - Week 4

This week has been such a hectic one for our family that I can't really even remember if there was something important to say or not! LOL Oh well, here is what this week of recovery looked like:

Monday - 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning; PT stretches; foam rolling
Tuesday - 1600 meter swim; PT stretches; foam rolling
Wednesday -70 minutes Physical Therapy; PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning
Thursday - PT stretches; foam rolling
Friday - 30 minute run (3/1 intervals); PT stretches; foam rolling; massage
Saturday - PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning
Sunday - PT stretches; foam rolling; 60 minutes Yoga Conditioning

If you're thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of Yoga" you would be correct! LOL Steve said I could substitute Yoga for one session of the PT stretches now, and since Yoga is a lot more fun than just holding and counting, I took him up on it! Tonight for the first time, when I finished the yoga DVD, I actually felt refreshed and comfortably stretched out. Previous times the feeling was more like I had been stretched by some medieval torture device! ;) I particularly like this DVD because it's for Athletes, and he hits on the areas that are most affected by sports, especially the hips, which is where my IT band issues originate. But I think I'll need to check out a few more from the library just to keep from getting bored. I like the Yoga for the Warrior by Bob Harper, but right now it feels more like a strengthening workout and my purpose is flexibility. I will do Warrior on the days where I need a workout but don't run or swim or something like that. 

My last PT session is Wednesday. I'm supposed to run tomorrow morning, and then we'll discuss plans after that. Marathon Weekend is only 5 weeks away!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

On a clear day...

When my mind is clear and I'm able to think rationally with the proper perspective (and fewer raging emotions), I truly believe that this injury has been the best thing for my running career. The timing has been horrible, that is true. And it's been very expensive (therapy, doctor appointments, massage therapy, meds, etc) which will impact the number of races I can do in 2012.

But I think when all is said and done, I will come out of this a stronger runner and a stronger person.

I needed this flexibility and strength training more than I realized. I never knew it was so important, and now that is a lesson I will keep with me. I simply must make time for yoga and stretching and strengthening exercises.

My body needs a break from constantly pushing forward to more and more distance. Since I started running 3 years ago, I have constantly been adding more distance to my training. I have never had a significant plateau time. This year, I was in heavy training from April until October. My body needs rest - maybe more rest than other people, and maybe more rest that I would prefer. My body needs an off-season. I'm not sure that I would have done that on my own. .

Most importantly, though, I have learned am learning that I can get through what seems like the most overwhelming disappointment and trust in God. I am getting to live out my Bible verse for running that's on the top of this blog!! I am trusting in the Lord and I am finding new strength. And one day - hopefully within the next 5 weeks from now (aka WDW Marathon Weekend) - I will run and not grow weary, and I will walk and not faint.

And my knees won't hurt! ;)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Could it be?? Progress??

This morning, with much trepidation, I took my first training run for the Goofy Challenge. Ok, so it was only 30 minutes, but it was the first run since I was told I need to get back to training. I cannot begin to describe how nervous I was. Yesterday I was encouraged by the fact that, for the first time in more than a month, I had not had a single twinge of knee pain all day. I got up this morning, stretched and rolled, and faced the cold (my thermometer said it was 31 degrees).

I planned to do a 3/1 interval, but my dear PT, Steve, told me that I needed to make sure to walk for 5 minutes before and after I did any running. So I did so, even though it was so cold. I felt the discomfort begin right at the usual spot, but it never got to be painful. The walk breaks definitely helped and there was no pain when I resumed running. I think I may switch to a 2/1 interval the next time and see if that helps even more.

I did  my 5 minutes of walking afterward and came inside to stretch. Just like during MCM, when I stopped moving, the pain started. I kept patient, though, and I stretched and rolled for a good 30 minutes. I sat down to update DailyMile, and my knees really hurt. I whined to my DailyMile friends list that I must be the only person never to recover from ITBS. But then I stood up to get a shower and there was no pain. And then I sat down, and then I stood up, and there was no pain. It was like that for the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon. I think maybe I felt a twinge once or twice! I think that's progress! Last time I ran (11 days ago), I felt the same discomfort during the running, but I was in pain the entire rest of the day.

I also went for my second massage today. I decided to get a massage membership and I will go once a week through Goofy, and then once a month until May. My massage lady, Trina, was horrified to learn that she bruised me. Two weeks later, you can still see the worst ones, so she could tell that it was bad. She apologized profusely and said she would be easier on me today. And she was... I nearly fell asleep, I was so relaxed. Of course, then she hit my "spots" and that woke me up in a hurry! But I noticed when she was moving my leg around today, there was no twinging like there was last time! I could do the entire rotation without feeling anything unusual. I have been feeling a little something in my knees since I got home, but I stretched a bit and it has helped.

The plan is to run again on Monday, like Steve told me to do. Then Wednesday, I'll see him for the last time and develop my game plan. I don't know what he has in store for me, but I feel confident that his suggestions will be in my best interest. 5 weeks from this weekend is Goofy. That's not a lot of time, but I can only do my best!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Good News, Bad News"

When you're on the treadmill, walking sideways on an incline, and your PT stands across from you and says "Good News, Bad News" - you may want to flee for your life!

OK, so it's not that bad, really. I am being a bit over-dramatic. ;)

So he says that I need to start running regularly again so I can be somewhat ready for Goofy. He wants me to run twice before I see him again next week (which will be my last time to see him). He said it might hurt or be uncomfortable, but he needs to know how I feel during and after so he can help me deal with it. I assume that means via stretches or some strengthening exercises.

Then he went on to say that I still need to "take off" during January and February. He added that that doesn't mean I stop moving altogether, but that everything comes down a few notches. He said I didn't even necessarily need to stop running, but that the runs need to be very short distances and intensity. It sounded to me like I may be dealing with this for a few more months, depending on how quickly the IT band loosens and how well my body responds.

I admit that I'm apprehensive about running. My brain still remembers how badly it hurt during MCM! But I know that I need to get running again if I'm going to be able to attempt Goofy. I need to know what to expect, and what sort of techniques I will need to do to be able to cope.

I'm not all that upset about "taking off" for a couple of months because that was my plan anyway. And I know that 2012 will be a lighter year for training and racing anyway. If 2011 was "The Year of the Marathon", 2012 might just be "The Year of Recuperation!" :) 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

IT Band Recovery - Week 3

It's hard to believe this is just Week 3 of recovery. It's been 22 days since the Rock 'N Roll -Savannah weekend and exactly 4 weeks since I ran the marathon. It seems so much longer than that though. I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to recover from IT Band Syndrome. :(

Here is what recovery looked like this week:

Monday - 1:15 PT; 30 minute run (3/1 intervals); PT stretches and foam rolling
Tuesday - 1500 meter swim, PT stretches and foam rolling
Wednesday - 1:15 PT; PT stretches and foam rolling
Thursday - :60 Yoga Conditioning for Athletes; PT stretches and foam rolling
Friday - PT stretches and foam rolling
Saturday - :60 Yoga for the Warrior; PT stretches and foam rolling
Sunday - PT stretches and foam rolling 

It's been really hard to keep a positive attitude this week. My test run on Monday really disappointed me. After telling my PT Steve what the doctor had said about continuing to run through the pain and seeing the look on his face, I decided not to run again until the tweaks that I feel in my knees are completely gone. They creep up now mostly when I'm doing two particular stretches where I have to be down on my knees, and then when I'm driving or sitting. I have to admit, though, that I was really hoping it would be all gone by now. I have been so good with my stretching and foam rolling. I really thought that walking the half instead of pushing on to the full would have meant that my recovery would be mostly over by now. Apparently, that's not the case.

Goofy weekend is a mere six weeks away. I truly do not know how I'm going to be able to take part in it. I haven't run now (except this test run) in 4 weeks. I am going to try to get over to a gym and see about doing some elliptical and bike for the next few weeks to complement my swimming, but I'm not sure if that's too little, too late. I was going to try to sign up this weekend, but I'm just afraid to throw more money at this.

I'm just really, really sad. I am trying not to be... but it just overwhelms me at times and I start crying, like right now while I'm typing this! Today's sermon at church was on Lazarus - and this particular time through of hearing the story, my heart focused on how upset Mary and Martha were. Mary wept at Jesus' feet and cried out to Him that if He would only have come in time, her brother never would have died. But Jesus hadn't dawdled on His way there - His timing was perfect. I know that my running isn't a life or death matter - though it may feel like it to my heart and soul. But God's timing is perfect in this situation as well. I just can't see it now. I hope I will one day!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just in case you were wondering...

I am REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. REALLY.  REALLY. tired of stretching and rolling.


I mean it.

I am throwing in some yoga but just that and swimming is not doing it for me. I'm going nutso!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another DNS

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I had my second-ever DNS ("Did Not Start"). Back in August I had signed up for the Atlanta Half Marathon, assuming that 2.5 weeks after running two full marathons I'd be ready for a hilly half marathon.

Yeah, I really was crazy, wasn't I? LOL

I mean, even if everything had gone perfectly (and whenever does it?!), did I really expect to be able to run a relatively challenging half marathon so soon? I guess it's not all that crazy, though, because my BFF did run it today - and much faster than I ever could, even well-rested. Oh well...

I really am feeling like a wuss. Like I don't have what it takes to be a real runner anymore. I'm afraid to sign up for ANY races because I find myself wondering if I'm ever going to be able to run again at all. I've always been able to set these goals for myself in running and have always reached them. Until now. And now I'm afraid to even try to set any goals. And that makes me feel like a wuss. I feel so disconnected from my running friends right now, even my BFF. I feel really, really alone - like I've lost my identity, like I don't belong with the runners but I don't belong with the non-runners, either. It's such a horrible feeling. 

But it's Thanksgiving Day. And I am thankful for all of my many blessings. And one day, I am sure I will look back on this time in my life and see it as a blessing as well. I'm trusting that this is all part of God's plan - and that it's all good!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"It won't hurt forever!"

Yesterday, I had a follow-up appointment with my sports medicine doctor. The PT suggested that I do a test run on Monday afternoon to see how it would feel to run again for the first time since the Marine Corps Marathon. Well, I guess I had run a little at Savannah, too, but I hadn't run at all since then. 16 days off from running. I was hoping for the best, and bracing for the worst. I guess I got somewhere in between. I did feel the tightness come on, and discomfort. I can't say it 'hurt' but it definitely didn't feel normal. I tried a 3/1 interval, and I did that for 30 minutes total. I rolled and stretched before and stretched afterward. Monday evening I was pretty sore. But then I woke up yesterday and felt fairly good.

I told all of this to the doctor, as well as recounted all of the details of MCM and Savannah. He checked out my knees thoroughly and declared there was no damage to them, which is great! He said it's still just the IT Bands and he's seeing a lot of that right now (must be marathon season, he said). We talked about my January plans for Goofy and he instructed me to keep on training (even though it will be painful), and then to take significant time off. When I asked him what "significant time" meant he replied, "January and February." I'm sure he could see my disappointment on my face. He told me I could continue to cross-train during that time. Then he said if it's not completely better by March I should see him again and we would try another round of physical therapy. He also gave me an anti-inflammatory gel to use on my knees daily and then before and after I run.

As he was leaving, he said, "It won't hurt forever!" I forced a smile and said, "It just seems that way!" He smiled and said, "You just need two things that runners aren't good at - patience and rest." Then he patted me on the shoulder and said goodbye.

I spoke to Steve, my PT, today during my session and told him what the doc said. He didn't seem too thrilled with his advice. I also told Steve that I can afford two more visits with him, so he suggested that we do one next week and one the following week. He is going to work on further developing my home program to hopefully get me ready for Goofy.

My current plan is to go on down there, prepared to run - like I did with Savannah. I will see how I'm feeling on the half marathon day. If I feel well enough to run/walk, then I will. Same goes for marathon day. I'm not sure about running right now... if it will make it worse or what. Since the doc said it was OK, and I have friends who have trained through while they are recovering from ITBS, I can assume it's safe. But I'm worried, still. I am thinking about joining a local discount gym that advertises $9 per month, and doing the elliptical there and the recumbent bike. And I'd still swim, of course. But is that sufficient for doing a half marathon and a full marathon??

Lots to think and pray about!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IT Band Recovery - Week 2

I forgot to post my update on Sunday so better late than never! Here is what my 2nd week of recovery looked like:

Monday - Physical Therapy; PT stretches/foam rolling
Tuesday - Wii Fit Plus Yoga; PT stretches/foam rolling
Wednesday - Physical Therapy; PT stretches/foam rolling
Thursday - 1500 meter swim; PT stretches/foam rolling; Sports Massage
Friday - Wii Fit Plus Yoga; PT stretches
Saturday - PT stretches
Sunday - Wii Fit Plus Yoga; PT stretches/foam rolling

I am seeing some progress in my flexibility. I can touch my toes easily now which is a nice feeling. And the stretches are starting to be relaxing, rather than an experience in torture with my legs shaking like they are going to fall off.

I got some yoga DVDs from the library so I will try a few out to see which ones I like the best. I don't think I will be able to stand the Wii Fit Plus 2-3 times a week forever! LOL

Friday, November 18, 2011


Remember how I said that I got my first massage on Thursday afternoon?? Well, look what I woke up to yesterday morning?!?!
I can't even describe how bad this hurt! I bruise easily so maybe that's the reason for the black-and-blue-ness of my poor leg. I am planning to go back, so I will have to ask her if this was to be expected for the work she did on me. She did tell me that most people would be "jumping off the table" with the pressure she used. I hadn't known what to expect and so many people told me it would hurt so I just went with it (and visualized myself crossing the finish lines with a smile on my face during WDW Marathon Weekend! LOL). Maybe she needs to go easier on me next time?

It is feeling much better today, but I'm still taking today off from the foam roller until Sunday. I don't want to do any damage!

A brief update

I didn't realize it had been a week since I last posted! The last 7 days have been incredibly overwhelming for our family. We spent last Friday night in the ER with my 15 1/2 year old son. He was at band practice and had a grand mal seizure. It was his first seizure since October 2008, and last month he had been given the "all clear" because he had been one-year seizure-free off medication. And this seizure was the most intense one he has ever had. What made it more frightening was that we weren't there. He is OK, though. He is back on seizure meds and we have to go for an EEG soon.

You may remember (and if you don't, you can refresh your memory by reading my very first post on this blog) that one of the reasons I started running in the first place was because Austin had started having seizures. So here we go again... except this time I'm injured and I can't run. It's been so difficult. My son is handling everything so well, though, so I'm inspired by his courage and strength!

Recovery has gone well this week, but I will save the details on that front for my "recovery" post this weekend! LOL

Yesterday I had my first ever massage! Yeah, first ever! She was very surprised that I have been running for 3 years and never needed a massage. She said, "You must be very flexible and do lots of stretching." Yeah, not so much, huh? LOL I told her I've probably just been lucky - up until marathon training! ;) It really hurt, but I just focused on what it could mean for my running in the long term and tried to relax. She instructed me to drink plenty of water and take an epsom salt bath, and she really suggested that I come back a few times. I'm going to have to wait and see how I feel because today I am really sore (which she said I would be). I am very "tight" and this is just what happens I guess. I haven't done my PT stretches yet this morning, so I hope that helps! LOL

Next week I see the doctor again. If he releases me from PT, then I might add a massage once a week until I'm through with Goofy. I really can't afford much more PT, so I hope that I'm nearly done! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

IT Band Recovery Update 11/11

This was a good week for recovery overall! I thought it would be funny to update you on my goings on in much the same way that I did for the training! :)

Monday - PT Stretches and Foam Rolling (Morning/Evening - plus extra rolling session after lunch)
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Wednesday - Physical Therapy; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Thursday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Friday - Physical Therapy; PT Stretches/Foam Rolling
Saturday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling (planned)
Sunday - PT Stretches/Foam Rolling (planned)

That's a lot of stretching and foam rolling, isn't it? LOL It does seem to be making a bit of difference because yesterday I could touch my toes while I was standing and while I was sitting, without bending my knees!

Today my physical therapist joked when he was stretching me and said, "So, what race do you have this weekend?" When I said, "Well...." he just rolled his eyes. I told him that I signed up for a 5K but that I was going to walk it. He shook his head and said that that wasn't a very good idea, considering how much my knees still hurt last week while I was walking the Savannah Half. He said, "Your body needs rest. It needs at least 2 weeks of just resting and stretching!"

And he's right. I know that. He asked me what was my goal was: to just get running again, or to run the marathon at Disney in January. Of course, it's to run the marathon in January. So that will mean some sacrifices. I will miss tomorrow's 5K, even though it's for a great cause and I love it. I have already paid and they will use the money to buy gifts for children for Christmas - and that's awesome. I will miss running/walking through the lights, but I can do that next year. And I will also need to miss the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. It's not going to be smart to jump back into running with a hilly 13.1 miles. I was reading on the website that I can switch to the 5K, but I don't know if it's worth it to drive all the way downtown for that. I need to think about it. I really don't want any added pressure on myself.

He did give me the go-ahead to swim, so I will try to do that at least twice next week. I think that would be a good way to keep my cardio somewhat active while I recover.

And so I just wait and stretch. And roll. And wait. :(

Monday, November 7, 2011

Race Report: Rock N Roll Savannah Marathon and Half Marathon

I'm going to try to keep this race report positive, because really I think I did the right thing (though maybe the "right-er" thing would have been not to try it at all, but then I'm afraid I would have always wondered. At least now I know!). We left Friday morning and I was still uncertain about whether or not I would race. I was going to see how my knees felt at the Expo after having sat in the car for the drive down there. My knees did hurt after sitting in the car, but I could stretch it out fairly well. I walked around the Expo and it wasn't too bad. I picked up my number and I was still unsure, but I was leaning towards at least starting the race. I have to admit that part of that reason was that the race shirt was really cute and I hoped to be able to wear it! LOL

I laid out my race clothes and was horrified to realize that I had neglected to bring a pair of racing socks with me. I had an older pair of my racing style that had been relegated to the "everyday wear" pile and I decided to wear those. Probably not the best decision in hindsight. LOL When I got ready for bed I noticed that the blister that had developed after MCM had flared up again. I popped it with a pin and went to bed. The next morning when I got up and got ready, I coated my feet really well with Body Glide and hoped it would be enough.

Don't I look perky for someone facing certain failure? LOL

I am really glad I started this race for a number of reasons, but a big one is that The Penguin - MY Penguin- was there at the start counting down each of the corrals!! I wish I could have run over and given him a hug, but as you can see I was all the way over on the wrong side. I wanted to tell him "THANK YOU!" for the many ways he has changed my life! All I got was this picture... and it was just a profile. My Penguin is wearing the blue hat. To see him in person was worth the money! :)

I passed under the start line and began to do a short interval - didn't have it programmed into Garmin, was just going to go by how I felt. That lasted about a mile. My knees immediately started to bother me and I wasn't going to push it. I dropped back to a walk and decided to see how well I could manage the required pace of under 16:00 miles. I stayed to the far right side so I would keep out of everyone's way, and I was able to stick right around 14:45-15:15. In the end, my Garmin told me that I averaged 15:03, which is pretty good.

But the knees really bothered me. It was mostly the left knee that hurt the worst, which didn't surprise me because that's the one that had hurt the worst all week. My physical therapist worked on both of my knees on Thursday and told me that the left one felt like "knotted rope" but that the right one wasn't too bad. That mirrored the way I had been feeling. And in the race on Saturday, that knotted rope felt like I was knotting up even more.

At mile 6, I took the two tylenol that I had carried with me for the last half of the marathon (if I got that far). I decided to go ahead and take them and see if it helped any. During the next two miles, I also began to feel some aching on the top of my left foot, and I felt the blisters coming back on my right toes. By mile 8, nothing had changed. I started to do some serious praying for whether or not I should continue the marathon. I passed by a couple of medical tents but didn't really feel like I needed urgent assistance. I was just hurting. I felt the way I did during MCM at mile 15-16, but this was mile 8. I knew that couldn't be good. I knew I wanted to recover from my IT Band injury more than I wanted to become a Marathon Maniac. I also knew that I needed to decide by mile 11 when the full marathon course turned off.

I decided I would try to text Sherry to let her know that I was stopping at the half and that I would see her at the finish. I figured that if I could actually type out and send the message, then it was making a decision I could live with. It was easy and I felt good after sending it. I went on to send another text to my mom and my husband to let them know of my decision. Then I sent a text to Facebook to make it official to the whole world.

I can only try to describe the peace that I felt after making that decision. I thanked God for it, because it was truly a peace that can't come from within. I was getting lots of texts in reply to my FB status, but I was able to text back truthfully "No Worries... I am good with this decision." And I was. The harder part was yet to come.

When the full marathon course re-joined the half course, I felt a twinge of sadness and regret. I was watching those folks and wondering how they must be feeling. They were in their own lane and I felt embarrassed that I was wearing a marathon bib (different color from the half marathon bib) but I was in the half marathon lane. I wanted to put my hoodie back on (which I hadn't dumped because I never really broke a sweat) and hide my bib. When I saw the finish, I debated making a run for it so I could at least look like I had "run" the race but I decided not to. My blisters were really killing me by that point and I figured it wasn't worth it.

I got my half marathon medal - and it is beautiful. It says 'inaugural' on it and it's a heavy medal. I put it on and went to find a potty and a place to stretch and wait for my BFF. I felt so lonely out there all by myself. Hindsight being what it is, I should have gone to find the ROTE crowd cheering near the finish, but I didn't know where they were and I can't check the boards on my phone. I think I wouldn't have sunk into such a bad place had I had them to hug me and reassure me that I did the right thing for my body. But as it was, I just sat there all alone.

I texted my mom to check on my BFFs estimated finish time and learned that she was still 90 minutes from finishing. I couldn't stay there any longer, so I texted BFF that I would see her back at the hotel room and wished her the very best of luck for a strong finish! I started hobbling back to the room, but I stopped at the medical tent for some attention to my blisters first. That didn't help because the tent was packed with full marathoners getting attention and I felt like a wuss for needing help after just doing the half.

I didn't know where I was in relation to the hotel so I stopped an officer who gave me instructions. It felt like a really long way with my aching knees and my blistered toes! I called my mommy and whined for most of the walk back! LOL I got back into the room and hit the shower, determined to get over my pity party before my BFF returned. I wanted to be positive and excited for her wonderful accomplishment! I wasn't fully over it when she returned but I put on my best happy face and celebrated with her!

We decided to go do a little walking around later on in the afternoon so she could keep her muscles stretched. We stopped by a candy store where they make the candy right in front of you! He is making pralines in the picture below, which I didn't get. But I got a chocolate covered pretzel, and a "gopher" (sort of like a big turtle), and some chocolate Snickers bark. We had a little mexican food to tide us over until dinner, and hit the CVS for soda (no Pibb there, either! @@) and more junk food before heading back to the room.

By the time we got back from our walk, my knees were killing me again. We both ended up being completely exhausted in the evening and decided not to go back out for the ROTE dinner (which again in hindsight would have helped my spirits I'm sure). In fact, we didn't even make it through the DVD we had started. We slept a long 9 HOURS if you can believe that! LOL Thanks to the end of Daylight Savings we were up and ready to go early. I didn't feel horribly bad, which was encouraging to me. I did my PT stretches and foam rolling and my knees were doing OK.

We ate the free continental breakfast (yay waffle maker LOL) and retrieved the car from the parking garage on the next block (boo full hotel parking garage). Gassed up, grabbed a PIBB from the gas station, and headed home. The highway out of Savannah was filled with racers and their assorted magnets and stickers. Every time I saw a 26.2 sticker, I felt a twinge of sadness. I even thought to myself that maybe I should take my 26.2 sticker off and put a 13.1 sticker back on. Was I a faker because I didn't do the 26.2 this time?

I'll spare you the details of the revelation but it finally hit me that I was under spiritual attack. I had been at such peace with my decision to stop at the half, knowing that it was the best thing for my body. What was going on with me now? When did I get to the point where completing a half-marathon was a huge failure? Yes, I was disappointed and a little embarrassed - our local newspaper had run a front-page article on me and my BFF doing two marathons in a week. And I wasn't able to do it. Injuries happen, though... and I know I could have done it had I not been hurt. I probably could have done it even being hurt - my decision to stop, though, was based less on "could" but rather on "should". So where was my peace? Why was it gone? The answer was clear... and in my foolishness, when the negative feelings started running through my head, and when I could hear the, "You're such a failure" hitting me over and over again, instead of turning to God, I just wallowed in it. How stupid of me. I felt so much better once I realized what was going on, and asked God to protect me against the attacks. The rest of the ride home was very nice!

So there is the race report, and the tale of how I almost became a Marathon Maniac. In the end, I have only one true regret during this experience: in my attempt to become a Maniac, and my failure to complete the second marathon, I feel like I have lost the focus on how I did actually complete a full marathon. Just a week ago! And while experiencing probably the worst continual pain that I have ever endured! I AM a marathoner, even though it doesn't feel like it because of this week's race experience. If I had the choice to go back and pursue Maniac again, I'm not sure if I would. Knowing what I know now, I do not think I would do it. I would have liked the chance to savor the satisfaction of 26.2 for awhile, instead of having to accept the regret of not being able to do it again.

But I have learned a lot about myself, and my body, during this year and through this experience! I will be able to move forward with that knowledge and it will make me a stronger runner (and swimmer and biker) in the future! :) I will use that knowledge in the next 9 weeks as I recover from this IT Band injury and slowly regain my running ability so I can train for the Goofy Challenge in January!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not quite a Maniac! :)

At around mile 8, I decided to complete the half marathon in Savannah yesterday, instead of the full marathon. So I didn't get my Marathon Maniac status, but I did hopefully prevent further damage to my IT bands and knees! I am now going to look forward to Goofy in January! I am thrilled to tell you that my BFF did finish the full marathon (and with an incredible pace, especially considering that she had done MCM only 6 days before) so she is an official Maniac!

Race report most likely tomorrow!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The recovery from MCM is going fairly well, for all parts of me except the IT Bands. I am actually quite surprised at how good I feel after having just run a marathon a few days ago. I supposed that's because I was going so slowly during the whole thing - and walking the last 4 miles.

But my knees are still bothering me quite a bit. I got a foam roller on Tuesday when I went in to get my 26.2 sticker for my car, and I rolled for the first time yesterday. That was pure torture!! But it really helped... for a few hours. I still feel pain on my outer knee when I walk and when I extend my knee.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about running Savannah on Saturday. I wish the race were next weekend. I think that I would have a good chance of being healed up enough to even walk that race if I just had an extra week. But I don't know if I will be able to do it in 2 days. I am still going to go down there and pick up my number. My BFF is going to be able to run, so if nothing else I can cheer her on.

I'm very sad right now and disappointed. But I don't want to risk further damage and extend my already long recovery time. I am going to talk to my PT about it today when I have my next appointment.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Race Report, Part 2: Marine Corps Marathon 2011 (The Race!)

To read the first part of this race report, click here!

Sunday morning my alarm was set for 3:45 AM so I could get up and do my PT exercises. We had to leave the house at 4:45 to get to the Metro for the train to the Pentagon. We had convinced my aunt to just drop us off at the Metro station rather than go with us and stand around shivering for 2 hours. It was just so utterly cold that there was no reason to be out there any longer than necessary.

Here is my cute outfit:

And here is what we looked like after bundling up for the 34 degree temps we would be battling:

We managed to get to the station in time for the first train, and there was hardly anyone there. From the pictures my uncle took a few hours later when they arrived to cheer, it's a good thing we didn't wait! I'd rather stand in the cold than deal with the stress of crowds and possibly being late.

We hit the porta-potties when we arrived because that's what we always do. And then we searched for some place to huddle and eat our breakfast. We went into a tent and there was a prayer service going on! It was fantastic! The preacher talked about being "Giant Slayers" like David, and when he was talking about the "giants" each of us faced he specifically called out knees and ankles, which is what my BFF and I have been battling the last couple of weeks! It was like a whisper from God. Prayer service ended and we returned to the porta-potty lines!

At last it was time to head to start line... we got lined up in the correct start area and then I looked over and found my aunt and uncle! Couldn't believe that we saw each other! This is what they were looking into... that little pink and blue glove in the air in the middle of the picture is me! LOL

I don't know how it's possible that he saw me at all! LOL But I'm so glad they got this picture! It was soon time to start the race and everything began very well. We knew the first 8 miles would be hilly, and they were, but it wasn't too bad. We train on hills so I wasn't too worried about it. We ran into Jenn from ROTE which was really great! Among all of those people out there, it was neat to run into her and her friend Eric! They took off to do their thing and we continued on.

At this point, my knees were twinging but it wasn't terrible. I figured it was from all the up and down hills. We walked up one pretty steep hill, and at the top, my BFF needed to hit the porta-potties. This was around mile 8 and it's where I made my critical error for this race. I stopped moving. I saw lots of people standing around stretching and figured I would do the same since the stretches seem to help my knees feel better (I guess by loosening up the IT Band). Well, the stopping caused everything to seize up and I felt my knees just start to lock. BFF was still in the line so I told her I was going to start walking again and would stay to the far right until she caught up with me. I was hoping that just walking would stretch everything back out again because in the previous 8 miles, the walk breaks had helped significantly. In fact, right before the porta-potty stop we had walked enough to where my knees felt quite good. Unfortunately the damage was done, and I just had to fight through it.

We saw my aunt and uncle at mile 10 and they snapped a few pictures. Here were are heading back on our way:
We continued on and honestly, sadly, I do not remember much about the course from this point on. I was focused on each step and trying to keep my form good to see if that could spare my knees a little. I kept encouraging my BFF to go ahead of me, since my pace was slowing dramatically, and her pace is much faster than mine even when I'm running all the way! Her ankle had started bothering her a few weeks ago and we suspect it's from changing her form to slow down enough to stay with me. :( We don't typically run together at races but had decided to for the marathons because it was such a long distance/time. She had considered going ahead and the halfway point, but ended up sticking it out with me. She learned that she could run her pace and then slow to a walk and I would catch up to her.

We saw my aunt and uncle again at mile 16. It was here that my aunt asked me if I needed to stop. I told her that I didn't. I was only 4 miles from Beating the Bridge and I figured if I could get across the bridge, then I could do it, even if I walked the rest of the way. Here we are on our way again after Mile 16:

I made a little calculation error about this time as well. I had it in my head that we had 4.5 hours to Beat the Bridge. I don't know why I thought that, because I knew that the bridge didn't open until around 1:15-1:30, but who knows how the brain works when it's tired! Regardless, I kept seeing the time posted at the mile markers and we were getting very close to 4.5 hours and we hadn't even reached the Gauntlet yet. And it really was starting to hurt MORE to begin to run after each walk break. SO I decided to just keep running instead of walking. I ran straight through from before the Gauntlet (which I never did actually SEE) until nearly the end of the bridge (because I thought to Beat the Bridge you had to be OVER it).

Finally I was almost over the bridge (which should be renamed the World's Longest Bridge) when I simply couldn't run any more. We came off the bridge walking, and I tried a couple more times to run but I just couldn't do it. It hurt way, way too much. I again encouraged my BFF to run on because her ankles were hurting her but it didn't feel different with running or walking - but running would get her done much faster! LOL But she stayed. I walked as fast as I could but my pace was diminishing quickly.

At mile 24, I heard someone call my name and I looked up and it was my friend Jill from ROTE (who had done the triathlon with me and BFF). I was so relieved to see her... I gave her a huge sweaty hug and nearly knocked her over! She is recovering from a stress fracture and I hope I didn't do more damage by holding onto her like that! She took our pic and sent us on our way.

I had been praying for strength the entire race but this is the point where I was just doing nothing but praying. It was hurting so much even to walk at this point, and any time I had to walk down hill it was absolutely excruciating. We were coming down what I think was an exit ramp and there was a guy with a mic and I remember him asking "Walkers, are you OK out there?" because I was hobbling so badly going down the hill.

At Mile 25 I started crying. BFF was mostly ahead of me at this point because I was walking so slowly. I didn't want her to see me crying, but I really didn't think I could go one more step. Sherry came back and told me that I couldn't stop with a mile and a half to go. I knew she was right, so I just prayed again! I started going again and before I knew it, we were at that turn. I have never in my life been so happy to have an uphill finish line! LOL It was so much easier to go uphill than downhill! Right before the turn, BFF called out, "You can't cross the finish line walking!! Come on!!" She should be very happy that she was out of arm's reach. I would have hated to slap her! LOL

See her impish grin... she knows she's been ornery!

I'm carrying my knee braces... picked them up from my aunt at mile 16 thinking I would put them on. But they wouldn't fit over my shoes and I wasn't going to sit down and take off my shoes at that point. So I carried them for 10 miles. @@ So helpful.

Here we go up the last hill to the finish line!

I crossed that finish line doing something between a hobble and a waddle... but I made it. I burst into tears and scared some of the waiting marines! They handed me an insulated wrap thing, but all I really wanted was my medal! Finally, we found the Marines with the medals!

And then we found the finisher photographer so we could get a picture in front of the incredible Iwo Jima Memorial!
My knees were absolutely dying by this point and I hobbled to the medical tent. A very nice marine wrapped up my knees (in the same cold bandage that I had bought at the expo the day before) and gave me ONE Tylenol. One?? Really?? LOLOL Anyway, she was very sweet and told me I could sit and rest as long as I needed. But I was freezing and I just wanted to go. I was also starving. So I hobbled back to BFF, since they wouldn't let her in the medical area with me, and we hobbled up the hill to the food line. They were out of gatorade and the bananas were gross-looking. The box of food they passed out was not my style, but I'm so picky that I can't fault them for that. We found my aunt and uncle and headed to the metro station. The line was so long but I guess it moved fairly quickly for that number of people!

We were home before long (with yummy milkshakes my uncle had acquired for us!!) and I broke a major training rule by taking a warm shower. I figured I had been freezing cold all day with ice on my knees for the previous hour at least, so I should be safe. And let me tell you that shower was awesome! I felt SO much better afterward. I was still hobbling and handling the steps at my aunt's house was rather painful, but just being warm was so great. My uncle is a cyclist and he suggested that we elevate our legs for at least 10 minutes to rid the legs of toxins. I laid down in front of the fireplace and plopped my feet up on their couch and ended up laying there for 30 minutes! LOL It felt SO good! We took the traditional race shirt pictures and rested for the remainder of the evening - which wasn't long considering it was after 4 PM by the time we got home! I slept very, very well that night, too!

And that's the story of how I became a marathon girl! :)

Race Report, Part 1: Marine Corps Marathon 2011 (Expo and Sightseeing)

I've had a few days to reflect and sort through my emotions about finishing my first ever marathon. Just like with my first half-marathon, it is sort of surreal - like I didn't really do it. But there are pictures of me, and the medal is hanging on my rack, so I guess I must have done it, huh??

Where should I begin?? Well, we arrived in DC on Thursday evening and found that the weather predictions had really taken a turn for the worse, but the bulk of the bad weather was still going to be on Saturday. Since the race was on Sunday, I wasn't terribly concerned yet. Friday morning, we had a scheduled tour at the White House and then we planned to go to the Expo before going to our scheduled Capital tour in the afternoon. My aunt took us to work with her and put us on the Metro for the White House. Our tour was at 7 AM (ACK) so we were up and in the line for the White House while it was still very dark and very cold. Thankfully my aunt lent us coats all weekend because neither my BFF nor I had packed for the unbelievably cold weather that came in.

After our White House tour, we were to head back to my aunt's work to pick up our purses, cameras, etc. since none of those things were allowed in the White House. My aunt called and suggested that we change our plans because the weather forecast was now calling for heavy rain and snow and brutal temps on Saturday, which was to have been our sightseeing day. So we picked up our stuff and headed over to Arlington Cemetery to pick up the Tourmobile.

Even though we were riding on the Tourmobile, we still had to do a lot of walking, and my right knee started to bother me. I was really aggravated and nervous, but I figured it had a lot to do with the fact that I had not done my PT stretches that morning since we had had to leave so early that morning. We knew we weren't going to get to do all of the sightseeing we had wanted to, but we made the best of it and hit the bulk of the highlights. There is just so much to do in DC, and no way to fit it all into 2 days - let alone 1. This was my BFF's first time in DC and I felt so bad that she didn't get to see all she wanted to see. But I think we both had a great time!

We got home pretty late, especially considering the early start we had had, and after a yummy dinner, we all hit the bed early!

Woke up on Saturday to see that the weather was all that they had promised it would be, and more! It was so brutally cold and pouring rain! My aunt was going to drive us over to the Expo and then we were going to hit Walmart to get some sweats to wear over our race clothes while waiting for the race to start Sunday morning. When we reached the downtown area, all of the major roads to the Expo were blocked off. We kept having the GPS recalculate, but each road it told us to take was closed. Finally we stopped and asked a police officer (who was manning one of the barricades) and he gave us a way to get around. When we arrived at the Expo the traffic was a mess! There were so many cars all trying to file around the Armory, and it was horrible! Finally, the two runners hopped out while my aunt tried to find a place to park. We got inside the main expo building only to find out that we would have to go back out in the rain to a tent outside to get our race numbers THEN come back inside to get our shirts. We had assumed it would all be in the tent and we'd just get that when we left to go home. While we waited for my aunt to get the car parked, we ran over to the KT Tape booth and got our problem areas (knees/ankle) attended to. I had forgotten to wear track pants because it was so cold out, so I wrapped myself up in the long rain coats we had borrowed from my aunt and I dropped my jeans right there in the middle of the expo! LOL She taped me up and I was all set! When my aunt had finally got the car parked and sloshed through the pouring rain and met up with us, we ran outside to get the bibs while she waited for us. Then we stood out in the pouring rain to get through security (again!) to get back into the Expo. It was such a crazy mess!

This Expo was worth all of the hassle, though! I think it was the best one I've ever been to. There was a lot of stuff that I'd never seen before and a lot of different types of things. Most expos seem to have the same merchandise just from different vendors. I picked up a pair of Injinji (did I spell that right?) socks - the kind with the separate toes. Hopefully that will help with the water blister issues I have. I also picked up some of these ice pack things, but they are wraps so they aren't bulky. It's hard to describe. I'll have to go dig them out of the suitcase (since I still haven't unpacked!) and get the name later. I got my shirt and hat that I wanted - I especially LOVE the shirt. I coveted a jacket but they were $80 and that's just unreal! I also saw some really cool compression/recovery capris but they were $150! LOL Yikes... running can be expensive!

From the Expo we headed to Walmart to get some more throw-away layers. The weather was getting increasingly nasty so we decided to go on back home and just rest up. We were going to go out for our traditional pre-race pizza, but it was so cold and nasty that we sent my poor uncle out in the weather to bring pizza home! LOL After dinner, we hit the bed early again so we could get up in plenty of time on Sunday morning!

The Race Report continues in this post...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This morning I had my first Physical Therapy session! My therapist's name is Steve and he was great. He watched me run, and told me I have a "very efficient stride". Of course, then he went on to tell me that I am "unbelievably inflexible" and that he "has 70 year old patients with more flexibility"! ROFL Gee, way to inspire me there, Steve! ;)

Really, though, that's no surprise! I knew that I didn't have much flexibility. I had gained some during my time taking ballet but it's been nearly a year since I took ballet and much of that gain was lost.

Anyway, he stretched me out quite a bit and then taught me the exercises I will need to do for my home program. He also gave me a strengthening exercise for my quads to help keep my knee tracking the right way while we work on getting the IT Band to loosen up a bit.

I will go back tomorrow, and then I will see him twice next week when I get back from the marathon! I think I'll see him again twice the week after the Savannah Marathon, though really I'm not thinking quite that far ahead just yet!

Gotta start packing - I leave tomorrow and I haven't put the first thing into a suitcase yet! It's so unlike me!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some good news, I think

I went to see the Sports Medicine Doctor today. He took three x-rays of my knees, manipulated and poked at my legs, and diagnosed me with "IT Band Syndrome." He prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication and some sessions of physical therapy. I am able to get in two sessions of PT before I leave for MCM, so I'm hoping it will be productive.

He said it's OK to run the marathons but it's going to be painful. I can handle that. I won't be stupid, of course, but it's good to know that I'm not doing permanent damage to my body by continuing to push through.

I will go back and see him in 4 weeks, which will be 2 weeks after the Savannah marathon and 6-ish weeks before Goofy.

I'll update after PT tomorrow!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The pity-party is over!

I've had a lot of time to think and pray on this matter and I've decided to stop sitting around and thinking, "Woe is me!" and just let this marathon story continue to unfold! I'm going to have a blast this weekend because I've worked hard and put in the training. Hopefully, I will get to the finish line and get my medal. If not, I will be disappointed, but I will know I have given it my best shot and that's all I can ask of myself!

It doesn't do me any good to sit around thinking of what might have been or what should have been or think, "Why does this stuff always happen to me?!" To quote what my husband and I have been jokingly saying back and forth to each other these last two weeks, "It is what it is." It's time to change the only thing that I have in my control: my attitude!

I am blessed that I have been healthy for most of this training!

I am blessed that my aunt and uncle have gone above and beyond to welcome us into their home for 5 days!

I am blessed that my BFF was willing to go along with this crazy idea (which sounded REALLY good 6 months ago LOL)!

I am blessed that my injury is not making it impossible for me to attempt the marathon at all or not be able to travel!

I am blessed that I have the support of my husband, and my mother, and my friends who have done so much to encourage me through this entire process, including the last two excruciatingly emotional weeks!

And lastly, I am blessed that God will let me fuss and yell and be angry at Him, and yet He is still patient and willing to help me work through all of these emotions so He can grant me the peace that only comes from having a relationship with Him!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marathon Training Recap: Week 19

Here is what this week of training looked like:

Monday - 31 minute run
Tuesday - 1000 meter swim
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 42 minute run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 2.25 mile run
Sunday - rest

At this point, I think rest is what I need more than anything else. I have a little bit of running to do tomorrow afternoon. A local reporter is doing an article on me and my BFF attempting this Marathon Maniac thing and the photographer is going to come take a picture of us running together at the park. But after that, I'm not going to run for the rest of the week until the marathon. At this point, I don't think there is anything that trying to run again will help. I was hoping that a run without feeling any pain would boost my confidence, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so there is no sense making myself upset by testing it out. At this point, it is what it is.

I talked to Coach Bill today and he said to just do lots of walking and take each decision as it comes during the race. Hopefully I will be able to go fast enough for long enough to Beat the Bridge and finish the race. I am trusting in God's plan, whether I complete the marathon or not. One thing is for sure with either scenario: I will have given this endeavor everything I have in me!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So confused and frustrated!

I tried to run again today, and again had trouble with my RIGHT knee. Today I didn't wear the knee braces, since I was wearing them when my right knee started to hurt. Instead I wore my new CW-X Stabilyx capri pants that I had bought for the airplane ride home after the marathon. Both of my knees had been completely fine Thursday evening and all day Friday and all this morning. But soon after I started running today, my right knee started hurting. I ran about 25 minutes total, with 3/1 intervals, but when the knee wasn't getting better, I decided to stop.

I really don't understand why nothing is helping. I am stretching, icing, resting just like I'm supposed to. I've done knee braces and fancy stabilizing pants. I have some KT tape that I borrowed from a friend.

And nothing is helping. Ok, granted I haven't tried the KT tape, yet. That's next.

I think I'm going to call a Sports Medicine doctor on Monday and see if they can get me in. I figure the worst he can say is not to run (which I will ignore) and maybe he will have some solution for me that will allow me to get through the marathon!

My marathon goal seems to be slipping further and further away. And besides all of that, I really miss my running!! I really, really miss it!! :(

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now the OTHER knee???

This morning I ran with knee braces on both knees, and with my new running shoes, and my right knee decided it wanted to scream and holler. @@ It started around 35 minutes into the run and so I stopped at 42 minutes when I realized it wasn't getting any better.

I'm aggravated because I haven't had so much as a twinge out of my knees all week long. I've been stretching and icing every few hours during the day. I'd like to stomp around like a two year old and have a tantrum - but I'm afraid that would merely aggravate my knees! LOL

So I rest and wait again. The marathon is only 10 days away, so I'm sort of running out of time. I'm starting to think it's going to take a miracle to finish this marathon.