Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it "Marathon" or is it "Disney World Marathon"?

Not long after I ran the Princess Half Marathon last year, I got to thinking about running a full marathon. I got a little distracted by the Coast-to-Coast medal pursuit, however, so "Marathon" took a seat in the dark recesses of my mind. Then, shortly after the Coast-to-Coast was in my greedy little hands, the "Half Fanatics" thing happened... and "Marathon" sat back there patiently waiting its turn.

Now that I have a few months before I have to start training for the triathlon in June, my mind has become fixated on "Marathon". I've reduced my 2011 running schedule so I can put aside money for the Disney World Marathon in 2012. I lurked on the ROTE boards for the WDW2011 Marathon Weekend and was envious of the wonderful plans everyone was making. When the weekend arrived, I cheered my fellow ROTErs on via computer messages! And I knew I needed to be there in 2012.

But, then came the nasty day when I had to work on our 2011 budget. Like most folks out there, our budget has been hit hard by rising gas prices, rising energy prices, rising food prices, rising everything prices. My running money comes from my gas budget... whatever money I don't spend on gas that particular week can go to pay for race entry fees, gear, etc. That's how I paid for the Princess 2010 trip.

But gas was over $1 a gallon cheaper then. And now I wonder if I will be able to afford to make the trip. I can drive down to Florida rather than fly, to save money. I could stay off property, to save money. I could not go to to parks (GASP!) to save money. I could bring my own food for meals, to save money. Would that be enough?

Then a few days ago I posted a link on my FB page to the top 10 Marathons for Beginners, asking everyone to guess the other marathon that's on my list (besides Disney). It's the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I learned about it from ROTE (of course!) and watched the very end of the race last year when an 80 year old man was fighting his way to the finish line. It drew me in and I decided I needed to do that race one day. Well, my aunt who lives in the DC area guessed that race and offered free room, board, and ground transportation if I wanted to run the race this year (or any year).

WOW! I could meet my goal of running a full marathon before I'm "The Age Which Shall Not Be Named"! And I could do it for a fraction of the cost of the Disney World Marathon.

But it's not Disney. It's not running through Animal Kingdom - my favorite of all 4 Disney parks. It's not "Running Through the Castle"! ;)

What to do? Will I be forever disappointed that I didn't get to run my first marathon at Disney World? Is it a "Marathon" that I want to do before I'm "TAWSNBN" or is it the "Disney Marathon" that my heart is set upon?

I have a little less than a month to decide. MCM registration begins on 2/23, and it sells out fairly quickly from what I understand.

What would you do, my running friends? And my non-running friends! LOL


  1. I can definitely understand wanting your first marathon to be at Disney. What a wonderful gesture from your Aunt to offer you a place to stay and transportation in DC. That would seem hard to pass on in my opinion. This will also be a memorable marathon. Running in our nation's capitol past all the monuments will be a great memory too.

    My recommendation is run the MCM and then plan for the Disney Marathon for 2013. By the way, 2013 will be the 20th anniversary for the Disney Marathon so I would guess maybe a special medal???

    Good luck!

  2. Oooh, a special medal would be really cool in 2013. That gives me another thing to consider! Thank you for your suggestions, Chick!

  3. Saw your post on ROTE and honestly don't remember if I replied there or was just meaning to. It's a tough call but like joey said over really can't go wrong in your choice. I personally chose Disney as my first because Disney is what pretty much started my running and where I ran my first half. I think that any of the 'big' other races would be good too though...MCM, NYC, etc. Now that I have one full under my belt I'm starting to look at those!

  4. Jenn, Disney started my running as well. In fact, if it weren't for my friend Jan asking me if I wanted to run Princess 2010 (back in August 2008) I wouldn't have ever started running! Oh, the decision-making is agonizing!

  5. You have probably already made your decision by now, and I was curious what you decided. I love running through Disney (in fact, I blog about it too.) This may sound strange, but you would sure be welcome to stay with me and my family if you decided to do Disney. We live about 25 miles from there. If you would like to, just go to and send me a message. Good luck!