Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let me RUN!!

We got a snow and ice storm this past Monday in metro Atlanta. Being that this is Georgia, 6 inches of snow coated with a 1/4 inch layer of ice means everything shuts down. Completely! In fact, the public schools have already canceled for tomorrow - they have been closed for the entire week!!

It's pretty, though, isn't it? The above picture is the view from our front porch to the entrance of our neighborhood right before sunrise. It really is beautiful!

Except when your county doesn't own snow plows. And the forecast calls for highs of 30 and lows of 16. And there is no sun shining. Basically it means that all that stuff... that beautiful snow that took on a layer of ice about 90 minutes after I took that picture... it sticks around! And you stay put in your house!

But we were fine. We had food - made that emergency rush to the grocery on Sunday evening to get milk, bread, eggs, and TP like a good Southern mama!! And we had power so we had heat - though I also bought some firewood because we did an ice storm a decade ago where we lost power and had no fireplace in our apartment and turned into icicles for a day.

What I did not have was a treadmill. After my trip to the grocery, I came home and changed into running clothes and met my BFF at the park. Despite the fact that we had done 10 miles the day before, we both wanted to get in another run before the storm came! :) So Monday I was OK. I did some yoga on the Wii Fit Plus to stretch out my sore muscles while keeping up with the 100 day challenge put forth by The Penguin.

Tuesday I decided to break out the 30-day Shred DVD that my BFF had given me. I did Level 1, and I don't care for Jillian Michaels any more than I did before. My BFF might dump me if she knew, but I think Jillian looks and sounds like a man. I don't want to have her body. And she drives me insane telling me to work harder when she barely does 2 of each exercise before she gets up to show her "best girls" doing the workouts. Whatever. The workout does make me sweat, and I have nothing else to do that would even come close.

Wednesday I was really starting to long for the road. The sun came out and I hoped that it would melt the snow and ice on our road which was about 50% clear, but unfortunately, the temperatures just didn't get warm enough. I again turned to Jillian and her Shred. I did Level 2 this time for the first time just to have something new. I was apprehensive because I remember this level kicking my BFFs butt when she started it. It was hard, and I stuck to the beginner modifications, and I did get my butt kicked. Jillian also told me not to "phone it in" which just might make me throw one of my hand weights at the TV. But, alas, we don't have enough money to replace my husband's TV so I had to grumble at her through my teeth.

Now we're on today (Thursday) and the sun was shining and the forecast called for a balmy 33 degrees. I eagerly watched the ice melt and hoped that I would be able to make it through my neighborhood. My husband had gone to work today and said the roads were "OK", but he wasn't sure. I didn't want to take a chance of injuring myself and screwing up my trip to the Princess Half next month, but I was desperate. The idea of meeting Jillian a third day in a row made me want to scream. And besides, I was still sore! But Wii Fit Yoga just didn't call to me, either. I knew Friday would be warmer, but I want to hit the pool tomorrow! Running today and Saturday would be ideal, and would allow for swimming on Friday and biking perhaps on Sunday. I just NEEDED to run today.

Around 2:30 I went outside and walked to the end of the road and decided that it was clear enough to venture out! HOORAY!! I finished up lessons with Austin and hit the roads. It was a rough run, and I'll blame Jillian for that. My legs felt like mush and it was really hard to move them. I struggled to break 10 minute miles and I think it was the 4th mile (out of 4!!) before I finally hit 9:46. Oh well, at least I was running! The neighborhood looked really good. The grass was still mostly covered in ice, but the roads were clear. There was one cul de sac that was impassable so I skipped it, and there were 2 areas of shade where there was slush and/or ice so I just avoided it. All in all, it was great to be back outside and on the road! :)

And now I should be able to swim tomorrow, assuming the pools will be open again! :)

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