Sunday, February 13, 2011

Costume check

Yesterday I had 8 miles on my schedule - it was about 34 degrees out, with a windchill in the low to mid 20s. And when I went to get ready to go, I realized that all my long running pants were dirty. Since I was going to have to freeze anyway, I decided to wear my outfit for the Princess and see how it worked out! :) (Note that I did NOT wear the tutu to the park LOL)

Everything did great... capris with a C9 skirt over them, black long sleeve tech with the short sleeve white ROTE shirt. I wore a hoodie with it for the first lap, but I got surprisingly warm.

The weather is supposed to be warm here this week so I'm going to run in the afternoon one day to try the short sleeve shirt by itself (and possibly the skirt, too). I have purposely avoided the weather forecast for Florida so I don't obsess over it, but I think it would be a good idea to try out the shirt/skirt by itself in case I need to wear that during the race. Last year it was freezing cold for Princess and my outfit was designed for warm Florida weather. This year I planned something that was easily layered, but it's going to be hard to try it out "unlayered" with this brutal winter we've been having. I should be able to work it in this week, though!

Only 2 more weeks until Princess!!

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