Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A decision has been reached!

After much agonizing, and a flurry of emails, I reached a decision on which marathon will be my first full marathon.

But, wait, you didn't expect me to just tell you, did you??

I thought I would share the list of pros and cons first, so you could see how the decision-making process worked for me.

Marine Corps Marathon Pros
1. Registration is much cheaper
2. I can stay at my aunt and uncle's house, thus reducing expenses.
3. Uniformed Marine officer putting a medal around my neck
4. Strong ROTE presence
5. Running through the historic D.C. area

Marine Corps Marathon Cons
1. It's not Disney. :(
2. Training during the brutally hot Georgia summer/fall

Disney World Marathon Pros
1. It's Disney!!!
2. Getting to run through Animal Kingdom
3. Strong ROTE presence

Disney World Marathon Cons
1. Expensive registration
2. Expensive hotel
3. Expensive park tickets
4. Peak of training at Christmas time when I'm already so busy
5. 1st time jitters - not getting to really soak it all in for fear of not finishing (this happened at Princess 2010)

In the end, my practical side won out! Assuming I can get in to register today, my first full marathon will be the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, 2011! :)

I will absolutely do the Walt Disney World Marathon sometime in my life, and hopefully sooner rather than later. And when I do, I know it will be the experience of a lifetime! But I am really looking forward to the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. Just 8 months away!

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  1. Yayyy on the decision! :) When I saw your comment to me earlier I figured this is what you chose. See you down there!