Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are having a spring preview this week in the South, so I decided to take advantage of it! I needed to run in my costume for Princess next week, without the layers. I bought a new short sleeve shirt to put the ROTE logo on and it's been many months since I've run in a skirt by itself. Just in case this nice weather keeps up for 10 more days, I needed to give it a test run.

It was in the low 60s when I left the house. I think I probably could have run in a singlet instead of short sleeves. It was amazing, but my body was a bit confused. My legs felt so weird being "naked". LOL

I did around 4.3 miles and didn't have any problems. Planning about 6.5 for this weekend's long run, so I'll wear it again. Then it'll be time to wash it and pack it up for the trip! Can't believe it's so close!

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