Saturday, March 19, 2011

A milestone reached!

Today was the Fallen Heroes of Georgia 10K/5K/1K race. This is my 3rd year to participate and I absolutely love it. Well, I don't love the course - way too hilly! But I love the cause this race supports! I was especially looking forward to this race because my BFF and I were going to get to run together, which we haven't had the chance to do in a very long time (early December!). By "run together", I mean that we drive to the race together, warm up together, stand at the start line together - and then the speed queen takes off and waits patiently for me at the finish line! ;) Here we are before the race - notice how stylish we are! My mom bought me the camo RunningSkirt for Valentine's Day! :)

Coming into the race, I had no real goals except to finish strong and have fun. I have been battling so many aches and pains the last few weeks, that I really wasn't planning to try anything exciting. This race was my PR last year - but that's only because I spent most of the year doing halfs instead. So imagine my surprise when, about 4 miles into the race, I realize that not only can I get a PR if I maintain my pace, but I can also come in under an hour! For me, a sub-60:00 10K is being a 'real runner'. I know, it's silly - very arbitrary - but that's just me!

So I decided at mile 4 to put everything I had into the rest of the race - forgetting that the 2 biggest hills were yet to come! Oops! After the crest of the last small hill, it was a downhill to the finish and I let it all hang out - Garmin says I did the last 2/10 of a mile at a 7:48 pace! LOL But as I approached the finish, the clock clicked up over an hour. I was disappointed, but just kept running through!

One benefit of having a fast BFF is that she is there to take a picture of you crossing the finish line:
When I crossed the finish, I pushed the stop button on my Garmin and looked down - 59:22!! No way!!! I was so excited, but didn't want to believe it was real until I saw the official results on the website this evening! (And yes, it's there - officially, 59:31!! They did a gun start but a chip time end. Not really sure why they did that, but I assume that accounts for the extra 9 seconds since I started my Garmin when I crossed the start line). For the record, BFF also got a PR today!!

Something new this year was "corals" (I'm sure they meant corrals LOL) - and they are self-monitored. But dang... who runs that fast??? LOL
This was the corral we lined up with... though I should have lined up in Corral 3 which was for "Intermediate Runners" with 9:00-12:00 minute miles. Went back to get my picture taken by my real corral but they had already taken the sign down - so I showed that I missed Corral 2 by this much! OK, maybe not that little but it was funny anyway! ;)
PR running - and milestone setting - deserves a reward! We went to Moe's for lunch! YUMMY!!!

What an exciting day - a tough course and such excellent results! This is the same place where I'll be doing the triathlon in June, which makes me a little nervous about the hills. But I have no time goals for the my first tri! Just completion! :)

The next race on my schedule is the Warrior Dash in May!

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