Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swimming update

After 3 rest days (Sunday - Tuesday), I dusted of the cobwebs in my brain and took everyone to the pool after lunch. It was only the 2nd time that Austin has been to the pool since his ankle surgery last fall, and we were glad to have him along! He did a couple of laps with me, but I didn't want him to overdo it, especially since he had baseball practice last night. He made a joke about being "lap traffic" as he left the lap lanes and went to the recreational area to hang out with the sisters - you'd have to be a NASCAR fan to appreciate that!

As for my workout, I did 2 laps (100 yards) for a warmup. Rested for a minute or so, then I did 8 laps (400 yards). Rested for 1-2 minutes and then did another 8 lap set - at least I think I did, I lost count. Finally, I did a 2 lap cooldown.

I have done this workout three or four times now. The 8 lap set is approximately the distance I will have to be able to swim for the triathlon, so the fact that I can do it NOW is a huge confidence booster. I don't officially start training until April 4th, so I feel like I have a head start. The other workout my swim coach has me doing develops speed in addition to endurance, but I felt like it would be better to keep it nice and easy today since I haven't been feeling well recently.

I am feeling much better about my ability to swim the distance - now I just have to add in the "Ewww! It's a lake!" factor and the "OMG what are all these people doing swimming so close to me?!?" factor and I'll be good to go. Yikes.

And then there is the bike, which I feel like I have neglected this winter. Double yikes!

I guess that's where the actual "training" comes into play, huh?

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