Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking a Day Off

I'm sitting here at nearly 8 AM on a Monday morning writing a blog post. This is unusual for many reasons, but mostly because I am usually out running around my neighborhood at this time of day on a Monday morning! But not today.

The time change has a little bit to do with it. Being a woman (@@) has a little bit to do it. Having a crazy-busy weekend that was full of emotional turmoil has a little bit to do with it.

But I would also like to think that the development of some running maturity has a little bit to do with it, too.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I hurt my foot - the one that ALWAYS seems to get hurt, and in the same place - while walking around in sandals at Disney. That has healed up, more or less. But in 3 weeks, I start 8 weeks of triathlon training, which will immediately be followed with 20 weeks of full marathon training, with only a week of rest in between. Which means that these next 3 weeks are the only true "time off" I will have until November!

So when I woke up this morning feeling a bit under the weather - not from an illness, but rather from just from life being 'too much' - and it wasn't one of those days where a run would make it all better, I decided to just take the day off. The weather forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so I'll probably be taking the day off then, too. A year ago... 6 months ago even... I would not have been able to allow myself to do it. I would have gone out for the run, and in all honesty, I probably would have felt better for having done it. But the motivator would have been fear.

Today I am able to take the day off - without fear - because I know a good couple of days of rest will do my body more good in the long run. And that's what I'm all about these days. Keeping my eye on the big picture!

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