Monday, April 4, 2011

And so it begins...

Today is the first day of triathlon training! I purposely didn't post the last few days. I was feeling stressed out and scared and overwhelmed and just plain BLAH. I didn't even sleep well last night. I was so nervous!

This morning when I woke up, I was in such a state. I didn't even want to go run at all. I was dreading every minute. I made myself get out, though, and then I made myself take it really easy. That part wasn't hard since I was so sleepy! But I knew that I couldn't use up all of my strength and energy when I had to swim after lunch! I had to run for 45 minutes, which was about what I've been doing the last few months, and I did 4.16 miles.

After lunch, I went to the pool. The kids wanted to stay home this time, and it's a good thing they did. The pool was very crowded due to Spring Break, and I had to wait for a lane. There was a lady ahead of me training for her first triathlon - at Disney over Mother's Day weekend! I forgot to mention ROTE to her, but I got her name and I'm sure I'll see her again at the pool. She made it clear that she did NOT want to share a lane once she got one, so I just waited patiently. Another lady got out of her lane and her friend jumped right in ahead of me. @@ He asked if I'd like to share, which I thought was a little presumptuous since I was in line ahead of him. But I shrugged and said sure.

He was really fast and the water was quite choppy from all the people in the pool. Usually when I go, there are maybe 5 people at the most in the water. I got off to a nervous start, but once I settled down, I realized that this was probably a very valuable experience. I need practice with people around me and water splashing in my face. I decided to go ahead and do a 500 yard set today, for the first time. It went very well. I did a second one and then some cool-down swimming and headed for home.

Well, actually I headed for the grocery store! I was SO incredibly hungry!!!! Not a smart idea - I bought way too much junk. I will start my training eating on Wednesday - my birthday is tomorrow and I intend to splurge as much as I like! :)

I'm very relieved to have this first day behind me. I still have the first brick looming on Wednesday. A brick is where I bike and then run immediately afterward. I know that when I get off the bike, my legs feel like jello. So this is going to be pretty interesting. But I guess that's what training is all about, huh? Doing the hard stuff?? I'll be sure to post when I get done with that one! LOL

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