Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another brick in the wall

OK, if you don't know where the post title came from, then there is just no hope for you... or you're probably much, much younger than I am! ;)

Today was my second brick. My BFF and I decided to meet at the park to do the brick so it would be, 1. Cooler than in the afternoon, and 2. Less crowded. I guess half is better than nothing! The park was completely deserted when we arrived, but it was COLD. Over the weekend we had highs approaching 90 with 95% humidity. This morning? It was 44 degrees. And I had wanted to wear my tri gear to test it out on the only brick of the training that has a 30 minute run (the rest have 15 minute runs). Remember, my tri gear consists of a tank top and bike shorts and a skirt. Not exactly what one wears in 44 degree weather! But I really wanted to make sure these shorts wouldn't bug me on a 30 minute run (after having biked). So I wore my zip-up jacket that I bought at Princess 2010, and put on some mittens, and sucked it up.

It was COLD. I mean COLD, COLD. We didn't ride as fast as we usually do because the wind was just beating us up. We made it through, and were going to lock up the bikes (with our new bike locks) when I heard a crash behind me. My BFF had taken a tumble off her bike. She thinks her fingers were so numb that she braked too hard. It was really scary! She was all scraped up, and she hit her cheekbone on the asphalt so it's nice and swollen. And yet, she got up and wanted to continue with the workout! Amazing!!

The running was better because we weren't so cold, but I had forgotten to take a cap or bondi band with me. I put one in my running bag when I got home! Luckily, the bike helmet had mashed down my hair enough so I didn't have to worry about it blowing in my face. It wasn't nearly so hard to run this time. I wonder if my legs were just so frozen that I couldn't feel ANYTHING! LOL But we ran a really fast pace, under 10 minutes. Ok, that's fast for me - slower than molasses for my BFF, but she was post-crash so maybe it was good I was there to slow her down. Or maybe I could say I was being purposefully slow to make sure she didn't push too hard?? Yeah, right! ;)

So today's brick will be remembered as a success - especially since my BFF was wearing her helmet like everyone should be doing when they ride!!! One more busy workout tomorrow and then another rest day! ;)


  1. woah, glad your friend is OK! She's a trooper! :) Glad today's brick went better than the last one (from what I remember, it was pretty hard!)

  2. You're remembering correctly, Jenn, it was awful. I'm not sure what made it so much easier (comparatively speaking LOL), but I am glad regardless! :)